Gun Control and Crime in the Black Community Literature Review

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Gun Control and Crime

In the literature review, we will examine the impact that possible gun control laws could have on: the African-American community and violent crime rates. This will provide specific insights about how this could affect: homicide and fatality figures that are being reported.

The article that was written by Blumstein (2000), discusses the impact of various gun control laws during the 1990's on the crime rate. As they found, that they helped to: reduce the number of available weapons and they gave the police the tools; to effectively go after some of the most violent offenders. However, the author also discovered that this approach was effective, because it was used in conjunction with stiffer drug control laws. The information from this source is important, because it shows how various gun control laws were effective at addressing the rises in violent crimes within the African-American community.

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The article that was written by Kwon (1997), talks about the impact that state and municipal gun control laws had on violent crime rates. They found that while they did have some effect, other factors played a major role that contributed to the decline. The most notable include: poverty levels, the unemployment rate and alcohol consumption. These different elements are important, because they are illustrating how there are other factors that will have an effect on the underlying unemployment rate. As a result, this information is useful in showing how these factors are playing role in gun related homicide rates.

TOPIC: Literature Review on Gun Control and Crime in the Black Community Assignment

The piece of literature that was written by Carter (2002), discusses the history of gun control laws. as, a variety of statues have been enacted to address the underlying problems with gun related violence. However, this has proven to be challenging for many advocates of gun control. With a host of organizations (such as the NRA) watering down: the legislation and enforcement (based on Second Amendment concerns). The information from this source is useful, because it illustrates the heated contention about any kind of: possible changes or stepped up enforcement standards of these laws. (Carter, 2002, pp. 308 -- 309)


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