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To the founders of the United States, private citizens were vital to the freedom of the nation, and their right to be armed with firearms was an essential part of this right. Federalist Noah Weber wrote "supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops that can be, on any pretence, raised in the United States" (Lee).

Opponents of gun control also argue that guns themselves are not the cause of crime. Further, they argue that the number of guns in a society is not linked to the amount of crime. Bans on the sale of specific types of weapons have not been shown to reduce violent crime. In Switzerland, pistols and fully automatic assault rifles are owned by all adult males and handguns are available to all adults without mental defects or a criminal record. However, the country has far less crime per capita than the United States, and has low levels of gun-related crime (Kopel).

In addition, gun ownership seems to act as a deterrent against crime. In some studies, criminals have stated that they have failed to commit a crime out of fear that the victim would have a gun. Similarly, a highly publicized training program (where Florida police trained 2,500 women in gun use) saw a reduction in rape by 88% the next year. Felonies dropped significantly during a 1974 police strike in Albuquerque where armed citizens patrolled shops and neighborhoods (Kopel).Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Further, it can be argued that gun control has been linked to racial discrimination. African-Americans were once banned from owning guns, and the earliest gun control laws in the south were described by a federal judge around 1900 as "passed for the purpose of disarming the negro laborers . . . [and] never intended to be applied to the white population" (Kopel). Further, blacks are more at risk for racially motivated violence, burglary, and robbery, thus placing them at greater risk from controls that limit their ownership or use of guns (Kopel).

These arguments can also be applied to women. Only seven percent of rapists use guns, thus gun control would not likely dramatically reduce rape. At the same time, gun control could dramatically reduce the ability of a woman to defend herself against a would-be rapist (Kopel).

In conclusion, the arguments for gun control seem to be outweighed by arguments that gun control is not effective. Gun control violates the Constitution and the wishes of the founding fathers, potentially placing American's liberty at risk. Further, guns themselves are not necessarily the cause of crime, while gun ownership can control crime. When combined with the argument that gun control often discriminates against blacks and women, the case for gun control seems weak.

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