Gun Control and Laws Regulating This Issue Term Paper

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Gun Control and laws regulating this issue in the United States have been a controversial topic of debate for more than a decade. Since the inception of extreme gun control laws during the end of the 1980's, the debate of how much crime is really prevented by gun control laws has raged on. It appears that the government and other anti-gun extremists have sided together against others in society who feel that public possession of guns should not be subjected to such extreme laws. Below then is an exploration of these varied opinions, including that of the Bush Administration, some of its opponents, the NRA and issues sparked by the Brady Law.

The Bush Administration

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The 1994 assault weapons law entails that the manufacture and importation of certain types of semi-automatic rifles are banned, along with magazines of more than 10 rounds. Public outrage and debate has been sparked by an assertion from the Bush administration that this law will be reauthorized, as it was set to expire in September 2004. The Libertarian Party acts as one of the representatives of the public outcry. According to the Party, the fact that the President has renewed the ban on assault rifles results in a certain message being relayed to terrorists and criminals in the United States. Indeed, specifically the objection is that homeland security is being undermined by a law that is primarily aimed at law-abiding citizens. Criminals on the other hand deem themselves above the law, rendering any gun control laws obsolete and absolutely ineffective. The Party argues that Americans are vulnerable to criminals when they are not allowed to protect themselves. Furthermore it is said that the government cannot protect everyone in the country at the same time, and the only other reasonable recourse is to let law-abiding members of society protect themselves. The law then, according to these critics places power in the hands of criminals and terrorists, while disempowering those in society most in need of protection.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Gun Control and Laws Regulating This Issue Assignment

According to Thurman, on the other hand, the Bush administration appears to have changed its stance during 2002, and when it declared that the right of an individual to own a firearm is constitutionally protected, outcries rose from the opposite extreme, represented by anti-gun forces. The opinion in this case is that gun violence would be perpetuated by allowing individuals not so required by their profession to possess guns. Indeed, the Violence Policy Center has required a complete ban of all firearms (Thurman). This extreme position, while curbed by the new position of the Justice Department, is nonetheless advocated and advanced on the state and local levels of government.

The National Rifle Association

According to Schneider, the NRA found that the 1989 import ban on guns was aimed against military personnel returning to the United States from overseas duty. Previously, federal firearms law permitted such personnel to return from service with up to three non-Title II firearms and 1,000 rounds of ammunition (Schneider). Many of these were purchased privately overseas, and were prized highly by their owners. According to the author, the law was implemented summarily without… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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