Gun Control Laws and Regulations Research Paper

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However the NRA is of the contrary view. The advocates of NRA do not accept any relationship with the gun violence, massacre, and crime in relation to loose controls on guns in the country. The country is also facing multiple security and criminal issues instigated by the usage of guns. However most of the influential advocates of gun possession do not accept the linkages of guns and crime rates.

Sandy Hook and Colorado:

The massacre of Sandy Hook is one of the events causing loss of lives. It is also seen in relation to the gun controls. The relatives of the event victims claims that there are multiple events involving the usage of automatic and semi-automatic fire arms in killings while the government and society fails to respond to such events. The usage of automatic weapons in massacre reflects that the government should address the issue in details with a practical approach. The approach to ban possession of automatic fire arms is necessary to reduce events of massacre similar to Sandy Hook and Colorado (Strunsky, 2012). The possession of firearms including long barrel, automatic, and semi-automatic weapons should be handled strictly.

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Research Paper on Gun Control Laws & Regulations Assignment

The black market of guns is also present in the United States which is one of the major factors providing ease of access to the gun possessors. The illegal nature of gun possession is more likely to result into criminal activities. There are two major factors influencing the crimes and usage of guns in the criminal activities. The ease of gun's availability in black market as well as the possession of guns with criminals carries increased amount of potential for criminal activities. The back market of guns caters criminal in a large number. There are multiple means of accessing the black market of arms in United Sates. These include the illegal manufacturing of fire arms. The imports of illegal arms and smuggling of the guns from various borders creates a large back market. The under aged criminals, students, and non-license holders can easily access the market to obtain their desired guns. As a result the possession of guns in the hands of criminals is eased causing events of massacre, gang activities, and criminals acts including robberies. The research Cook, Ludwig, Venkatesh and Braga (2007) also indicates the economic factors influencing the gun market operating as illegal and unlawful import, possession, sales, and usage of guns. The economic factors provided in the research are relevant to be considered as a minute analysis of the underground guns market in United States.

III. No need for assault rifles:

The usage of private fire arms is not required in any case within the civil society. The usage of fire arms specifically the rifles should be carefully handled by the governments and local administration. The propagation of fire arms usage within the history and traditional values should also tackled with vigilance and usage of technology and open communications is also required. The changed society does not allow possession of automatic rifles and semi-automatic weapons for personal usage. The hunting laws, governments' obligation to provide security and reforms in laws is required. It is necessary to understand that the political and social pressures should be used to reduce usage of guns.

Government and Private protection:

The governments are obliged to provide necessary security to the citizens of their countries. The government obligations cannot be reduced with a notion that people are allowed to maintain their own security through possession of fire arms. The gun especially riffles of semi-automatic and automatic nature should be strictly prohibited. It is necessary for the governments to maintain security of its citizens. In extreme cases the legal provisions should authorize maintenance of security through private security agencies. The usage of legal private security agencies is also one of the notable factors in providing necessary security to citizens and businesses of the country.

Hunting Laws:

The hunting laws should also be restricted and fully include a bar on the usage of fire arms with potential threat to the security of unarmed civilians. The increased usage of hunting arms as weapons for massacre and other criminal activities is also observed. It requires close attention of the legal authorities to exclude the potential weapons for reducing the criminal usage of these weapons. The importance of human security should be given performance and no hunting law should create a loose hole for increased usage of guns in civil societies.

Political and Social pressure:

These courts should also facilitate measures to reduce the number of gun crimes. The offenders should be trained and rehabilitated in becoming a useful part of the society. The high risk offenders and a parent education program are also helpful in generating necessary support for offenders. The substance abuse program and community services are also one of the most significant efforts for facilitating the offenders. The supervision after detention is initiatives that are significant for the rehabilitation.


The reforms required to increase gun control should be developed as a comprehensive approach with multiple dimensions. It includes the development of strict laws and regulations. Additionally the usage of public perception through various social programs is also essential. It is also required that the society incorporates a vigilant system to move beyond the history of gun possession in U.S. The legal reforms as well as the social input are also essential to facilitate the political backing of the gun control regulations.

Public Opinion:

The public opinion for unlawful usage of fire arms can be changed through various initiatives. The civilized societies like United States can use multiple communication techniques to alter gun possession opinions. The usage of latest techniques also includes laws that are critical in order to reduce criminal activities including gun violence. The costs of gun possession to the society are far greater than the need of guns for personal safety and security. The rights to buy and poses guns cannot be allowed especially for the criminals. The interviews and testimonials of criminals and individuals with a history of gun violence can also be used to create public opinion for reduced usage of guns.

IV. Counter Argument & Rebuttal:

It is observed that two significantly different opinions prevail in the society regarding the gun controls. The presence of both sides of the arguments is based on their own likings and disliking as well as the perception of future society. The communicators of gun rights also back enforcement of current laws. The currently developed programs are also supported by the propagators of the gun rights. There are multiple projects enabling the government to control gun crimes including Boston's Gun project/Operation Ceasefire (GPOC) and Richmond's (VA) Project Exile. The 'Carrot and Stick" policy is applied in projects for creating jobs is essentially required.

Public will not be able to protect itself:

The notion that public is entitled to possess guns for personal security cannot be appreciated. The security of the communities is soul responsibility of governments. The individuals cannot be entitled for possession of guns. The gun rights cannot be appreciated in terms of security as it is not an adequate measure of consistency. The possessors of guns are not trained to handle arms for personal security. The possession of arms does not guarantee personal security. In case of any event the responsibility of security is only wasted on federal and local authorities (Ludwig, 2000).

Hand guns and law enforcement enough for public protection:

The argument that only hand guns can be allowed for possession with individuals. The law enforcement in relation to position of firearms is supported as legal obligations. It should be treated as similar to public health and drug regulatory laws. The law implementation for gun controls has a composite mesh of issues. It also includes current laws and place oriented community policing. The establishment of gun courts is also one of the major steps towards reducing gun crimes. The law enforcement and changes in current laws should be aligned with changing requirements of present society.


The usage of automatic weapons and riffles in violent events reflects the nature of required laws and regulations. The firearms are used in order to carry out the valance and criminal activities more than serving the security purposes. The arguments based on traditional nature of American society cannot be considered valid as the changes in other aspects of society have also influenced various traditional practices. The usage of automatic and semiautomatic guns in a society cans only facilitate violence and crimes. The hunting laws as well as possession of fire arms should be changed to bar the possession and usage of above mentioned categories. The events of massacre as well as other criminal violence are also observed through usage of these weapons (Kellner, 2008). The gun control laws should be changed in order to restrict possession of automatic rifles. The laws should also regulate the sale of high powered weapons to the public as to avoid unnecessary violence.


Bright, J.C. (2010). Violent Felonies under the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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