Gun Control: Restricting Rights Research Paper

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The measures of procuring a gun are also equally to blame for the cases of gun violations. There are no clear guidelines as to who should own a gun (Spitzer, 2009). Moreover, when the person is buying a gun, the background checks on the buyer are not effective. Additionally, the period of waiting after ordering an arm is short to facilitate scrutiny of the gun buyer. In addition, the federal law is ambiguous since it does not set a minimum age for one to own a firearm. Therefore, these weaknesses in the constitution cause the call for the strict gun control by the liberals who are on the lookout for protecting the larger interests of the society.

However, the opposition of the gun control measures has the view that these laws will deny the people their individual rights. According to the American bill of rights, those in opposition of gun control argue that they have the right to secure their homes and property (Spitzer, 2009). Also, the people have right to possess an arm according to the Second Amendment. This is the first reason why the gun control is facing stiff challenges. The law itself allows for people to argue that their personal right is being restricted. They have the right to guard their possessions and own the arms, thus the reason they have the lee way to own guns.

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Secondly, vested interests in the industry of ammunition such as National Rifle Association and other parties are of the view that their personal corporate rights to trade are being violated. This causes that not in favor of guns control to have access to the guns easily. Also, the making and involvement of government in regulating the guns is thwarted from these parties with vested interest in the industry (Nemerov, 2008). Moreover, the argument that people with guns can help to curb those with the thugs is also another reason. Those with guns argue that the thugs and those who cause these unnecessary shootings are the ones who ignore the present laws. Therefore, it is not fair to deprive them of their right because of a few elements that are negative.

TOPIC: Research Paper on Gun Control: Restricting Rights or Assignment

The republicans and even democrats have tried to bring forth amendments that seek to regulate the guns ownership and access. Still, it is notable that nearly all of these proposed amendments never pass the test of the House due to political interests in the industry (Nemerov, 2008). The politicians have fallen into the quick gun violence solutions such as arming and deploying more police officers. This is not solution to the problem; the only effective measure is to ensure proper gun control laws. Moreover, the people need to understand that the rights of the larger society are more significant as compared to the rights of an individual. Therefore, the argument that gun control is interfering with their personal rights does not convince.

In conclusion, the implementation of gun control laws and their enactment is not a violation to the rights of individuals. Their personal rights are not being restricted. It is only fair that the innocent and unwarranted deaths are stopped (Alters, 2007). Therefore, gun control laws are for protecting the people.


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