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Lastly, gun control has the benefit of reduction in assault and domestic violence cases. These are common in family setups that experience frequent disagreements. In U.S., assaults and domestic violence are common and result in separation and divorce between couples. Extreme cases do result in death of one or both parties to the disagreement. Many a times, there is use of a gun or firearm in assault cases with the intent to threaten the victim. Gun control leads to reduction in assault and domestic violence cases where there is use of gun or firearms.

Negative effects of gun control

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Gun control does have vices. However, there are no proven cases where gun control is disadvantageous to people and the society at large. The text above clearly shows that many people own guns with the intention of self-defense. There is a clear statement of these in the examples of thefts and robberies. The occurrence of many deaths is subject to self-defense, and not considered a felony for the person acts to protect self. However, the individual must prove beyond a sensible doubt that there was no any intent to kill. Having a gun for self-defense results in most defensive gun owners feeling safer, and most believe they are safer since they possess a gun. Defensive uses of guns and firearms occur in situations where the victims are likely to reach their guns, mostly in homes or their business premises. Thus, uses of defensive gun are most commonly associated with assaults and domestic violence cases in the homes, commercial robberies, and residential burglaries. Therefore, once there is an implementation of gun controls, a limitation in self-defense rests. Consequently, there results high cases of loss of property and deaths ( Grier, 2013).

The fact that armed private citizens can disrupt crimes effectively suggests that wide gun ownership can lead to a reduction in crimes. This is because gun possession can deter criminals from carrying out crimes. Thus, one can conclude that private ownership of guns and firearms and use of guns for defense reduces violent crime and burglar-related injuries and deaths. However, with the implementation of gun control by the government, there is a limitation to the achievement of this reduction of crimes as a result of gun ownership.

Essay on Guns Control Gun Control Gun Assignment

In conclusion, gun control aims at stopping the rise in gun related crimes by tightening the laws governing the ownership of firearms. Gun control is necessary in order to safeguard public safety and security and preserve human life. It is a fallacy that the existence of legislation restricting gun possession and ownership impedes on the rights of the citizens of America to own a firearm. On the contrary, the laws are there to ensure safety of the public. The main aim of gun control is to ensure safety of individuals and keep guns off the hands of criminals. Many reasons abound that tend to support gun ownership and possession. Chief among the reasons is the fallacy that people anti-gun possession because of the need to protect the self. "This is why about seventy three percent of the public in USA are against most flag gun bubs" (Grier, 2013). Inasmuch as protecting self is valuable and desired, this does not equate to the number of insecurities promoted by people who own guns. Additionally, self-protection to be a duty of the state or government to which a person belongs rather than of the individual.

It is necessary to note that the Gun Control Act makes it illegal for certain people to possess guns and firearms. These include any person under indictment in a court of law for a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year. It also includes a convicted person facing imprisonment and a one who is fugitive from justice. It also includes an unlawful user or addict to any drug or controlled substance and a person who is mentally unfit or is in any mental institution. An illegal alien or immigrant and a person retrenched from the military as a result of dishonorable activities also fit in this list. It also includes one who revokes their United States citizenship and a person facing charges of domestic violence and is a subject to any court order that restrains the person from threatening or harassing a child or a partner.


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