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Hart's opinion may be that Radbruch would have expected that laws against women voting took a position of formulating an objection that because it is evil it is not law.


In conclusion, this paper discussed positivism. Gustav Radbruch believed that positivistic theory was a more sound foundation for our laws and legal system. He wanted the legal system to not make citizens totally subservient to the system. This work also tried to understand the works of H.L.A. Hart. His more naturalist views were complete opposites of the Radbruch. I believe that Hart did in fact provide adequate responses to the criticisms made by Radbruch. "What both Bentham and Austin were anxious to assert were the following two simple things: first, in the absence of an expressed constitutional or legal provision, it could not follow from the mere fact that a rule violated standards of morality that it was not a rule of law; and, conversely, it could not follow from the mere fact that a rule was morally desirable that it was a rule of law." (Hart 1958) These questions were answered by offering a detailed view of the legal positivism philosophies. This report addressed these issues.


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TOPIC: Term Paper on Gustav Radbruch Believed That Positivistic Assignment

Hart, H.L.A., "Positivism and the Separation of Law and Morals," 71 Harvard Law Review 593 (1958) [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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