Hamlet and Macbeth Recount Similar Stories Essay

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Hamlet and Macbeth recount similar stories (the usurping of a throne) from differing perspectives-those of perpetrator and avenger. Just as Macbeth was not ALL bad, Hamlet was not ALL good. What are some of his faults or short comings? Do these constitute a "fatal flaw"?

Hamlet and MacBeth are considered to be masterpieces of literature. As they discuss the different inter-workings of: human nature and how the reaction to various events will have an impact upon their situation. This is important, because it shows how both would highlight the underlying challenges faced by everyone. As the faults and short comings of the main characters, would underscore the overall fatal flaws in many individuals. To fully understand this requires examining the flaws of: Hamlet, MacBeth and looking at examples of them in both plays.

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In Hamlet, idealism is the major flaw that is affecting the main character. Where, he believes that everyone is: naturally good natured and that their motives are based upon fairness. This is problematic, because it would create a situation where this would haunt him throughout the play. A good example of this occurred, when he was slow to react to the murder of his father, only to become enraged at the untimely death of his uncle. This is important, because it shows how Hamlet's idealism, would cause him to see the true intentions of people when it was too late. Once this occurred, it meant that Hamlet's situation would go from bad to worse, leading to his untimely death. In this case, his idealism would constitute this fatal flaw, as he was unable to see the situation for what it really was. ("What was Hamlet's Fatal Flaw")

Essay on Hamlet and Macbeth Recount Similar Stories (the Assignment

MacBeth's greatest shortcomings were: his ability to be easily influenced and a lack of loyalty that he is showing to friends / allies. The ability to influence the main character is troubling, because this leads to the series of murders that MacBeth is directly or indirectly involved in. This fatal flaw causes a host of different problems, as he realizes that the self-fulfilling prophecies (from the witches) are becoming true. At which point, he begins to panic and misinterpret the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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