Hamlet Play vs. Hamlet, Prince of Denmark Essay

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¶ … Hamlet play vs. Hamlet, Prince of Denmark DVD, 1980

Hamlet: A comparison/contrast between the written text and the 1980 BBC version of the play starring Derek Jacobi

Hamlet was written to be performed, and every time a play is performed there is a certain amount of 'interpretation' on the part of the director and actors that changes the viewer's reception of the text, even if no words are altered or omitted. For example, in the case of the 1980 version of Hamlet starring Derek Jacobi, when the protagonist speaks his famous "To be or not to be speech," the speech on the page seems like a philosophical tract, but in Jacobi's rendition the famous speech seems like the words of a person who is having a personal crisis, as well as objectively talking about the nature of existence. Hamlet, despite after seeing what he believes is the ghost of his father, seems sane and rational and clear-sighted, yet troubled.

All of the other major soliloquies of Hamlet arise because he has seen someone else do something that angers or inspires him, like Claudius, the player-king, or Fortinbras. In the written text, "To be or not to be" seems to come out of nowhere, but the BBC version makes his words seem motivated by genuine, intelligent reflection and doubt about whether there is an afterlife and whether his father's ghost is a real visitation from "the undiscovered country" from which no "traveler returns."Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Hamlet Play vs. Hamlet, Prince of Denmark Assignment

Jacobi's Hamlet is an intelligent and critical individual, who is angry at injustice, but not mad in the sense of being insane. Even Hamlet's ravings when observed by Ophelia are calculated and directed at the men who he knows are observing him. Hamlet is tormented by the revelation that the ghost has given to him. His gestures, such as staring at his hands with horror when he realizes what he… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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