Harley Davidson, Inc. 2004 Term Paper

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Harley Davidson is a brand that speaks for itself. Formed in 1903 by the Davidson family the motorcycle company has reached to peaks where it's founders the Davidson brothers William Walter, Arthur and William S. Harley could not even have imagined. The company has maintained its standards in all possible ways and this is the reason whatever it be about the bikes whether their sound, V-Twin and style, it is appreciated by all.

The promotions including the sponsoring of rallies nationally and internationally both as well as the familiarity the riders get through ebay in many countries are all measures taken by the company to maintain solid grounds in the international market.

It was not very easy for the company to reach to the status that it has achieved now. The history of the company has its ups and downs. The first development for the company since its creation was the supplying of 20000 motorcycles to the military in World War I. It was also one of the companies which survived the Great Depression in 1930. World War II paved an even better opportunity when the company provided the military with 90000 motorcycles. After subsequent successes the company ended family ownership in 1965. The company went through a difficult period in the 1970s because of quality related problems and import of low priced Japanese bikes. But it again reached to the top in U.S. market in 1986. It celebrated its 100th birthday in 2003.

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Harley and Davidson has fixed its vision and mission statements which state that the company is devoted to provide the public with best and standardized services.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Harley Davidson, Inc. 2004 Assignment

Harley and Davidson consists of two parts. The first part is concerned with motorcycles and related products whereas the second one being concerned with monetary policies. The first segment deals solely with motorcycle its parts and its accessories, where as the financial segment deals with the finances which are controlled by Harley Davidson financial services (HDFS). It provides monetary services to Harley as well as Buell dealers and clients from U.S. And Canada. Harley has divided its motorcycles into different categories which are concerned with the motorcycle's class and its performance. The motorcycles have varying prices which are mostly higher as compared to other companies. Buell was a sport bike company which was bought by the Harley Davidson. Nowadays… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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