Why Having Doctors and Nurses in Business Establishments Is Important Research Paper

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¶ … Healthcare Workers Within a Company

Significance of People in a company

Workers in any company are the most important assets at all times. Workers make the dream of any organization to come true. Through the employees, a company manages to execute its dream, set the mission, vision, objectives, and every target that acts as a tool for growth and development. Employee health, thus, is a colossal thing that cannot be overlooked in any institution. Healthy workers translate to a healthy business, which means, the wellness and safety of the employees are the backbones of productivity and sustenance of the company's dream. Increased productivity can only be realized from a healthy workforce. Moreover, sustenance entails aspects of continued productivity based on increasing proficiency, reliability, and through the most valid methodologies. Thus, the health of the workers cannot be overlooked in any process that is deemed to prosper (Egdahl, 1977). Having health workers within a company is one way of assuring health states of work within the company. There are so many other benefits accrued to the health of the workers other than just having a health production process.

With relevance to the UPS, people are the most important assets. Ensuring the health, wellness, and safety of the workers within an organization is the core mission of the USP. Various benefits are related to this mission. UPS has invested millions of dollars in training and equipping workers with health and safety measures in different companies. The inherent benefits with the UPSers are to get home well and have a continuity of health, safety, and wellness.

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Strategic Measures of UPS in Provision of Health

Research Paper on Why Having Doctors and Nurses in Business Establishments Is Important Assignment

UPS is tasked with the role of providing health and safety of employees. To do this, UPS engaged in developing a Comprehensive Health and Safety Process (CHSP), which was in 1995. Presently, it has managed to reach all parts of the world and provided 3,600 committees in its facilities globally. The core roles of UPS in health and safety provision is to conduct audits of equipment, be the leader in the offering of training programs, and performance of the work practices. Besides, they analyze behavior and provide recommendations that go towards the provision of equipment for process changes. One of the major achievements of UPS is that since its activity in different organizations, the number of accidents and lost time injuries have been cut by 35% since 2006.

The package handler and driver suggestions have provided avenues to improve the facilities and equipment. Such changes include designing ergonomic handheld computers used by drivers, together with making changes to the layouts of new buildings within the corridors of many of these companies (Turnock, 2015). Because of this alone, there has been efficiency in the packaging at UPS with 17 million packages every day. In simple terms, the health instance benefits accorded by UPS are varied. Training for health is an important element that has been realized with the UPS in the delivery of its package. Training involved equipping the employees, and even the employers, with requisite knowledge and skills necessary for keeping healthy, being well, and ensuring safety. With present day rise in the occurrence of accidents in workplaces, it is important to provide assurances such health challenges are reduced among the workers and the employers. UPS has ensured that training has served as many employees as possible to boost the chances of promoting wellness, safety, and health (Turnock, 2015).

There are variances in terms of the environments under which different companies operate. Offering the health facilities and equipment from a far area might prove not sufficient. Nonetheless, having the health workers within the company puts everything under scrutiny, as suggested by the UPS. With training, employees and employers will be able to take the first-hand roles in promoting their individual health, the health of their workmates, the health of the clients, and those of their families and friends. Protection and the offering of safety needs is an all-inclusive affair and not specific to the health workers alone. It is a requisite knowledge that the presence of the health workers within a company signals the coming of age of the health department, the health facilities, and the health awareness within a company. What remains is for the workers to benefit in different ways (Emerick & Lewis, 2013). The provision of the health workers and facilities within an organization means that health will always be given the priority in terms of creation of awareness and facilities to cater for the same.

Adoption of the health and safety policy because of health workers' presence in a company

With the presence of the health workers within an organization, there is certain to be the adoption of the health and safety policy by the same company. With the help of the health and safety policy, the company sets out a general approach, commitment, and other arrangements that have been instituted to manage health and safety within an organization equitably. This document will state the roles of different people as it has a 'who does what, when and how' policy. The policy has three sections:

A statement that describes the intention of the policy and that of the company: Relays what the company intends to do together with the reason behind this activity. Moreover, the document brings out the people who are to be covered by the health plan.

Details of the organization: These details include the members of the people who will be involved in protecting and guiding the activities and programs of health provision within the organization.

Arrangements: putting the program in place requires a written down procedure derived from the programs of the company. This section outlines the hazards likely to be encountered and the possible control measures that will be used to control these hazards (Turnock, 2015).

The health and safety policy only becomes a reality the moment all the stakeholders are completely involved in the process of implementation. The presence of the health workers within a company ensures that their full benefits are realized through proper execution, monitoring, evaluation, and appraisal of programs within the company.

The presence of health workers within a company ensures that workplace health programs have been facilitated and implemented; the programs then will benefit the employees and employers in different ways. The employees and the employers will enjoy various benefits from these endeavors like those provided by the UPS. Some of the benefits are outlined below:

How Employees Will Benefit

With employees, maintenance of personal health, including the health of the families and friends, is an uphill task. This is because there are many other demands that one has to meet, besides factoring in the provision of these services. Facing responsibilities like family and other social responsibilities often make many employees not to consider having a plan for health and safety provision even for their personal life. In such a scenario, it is important for such employees to adopt healthy behaviors to avert the effects of risks, life-threatening diseases, and many other costs related to such (Vincent, 2010). Taking such measures will help to improve the quality of life exemplified. Comprehensive programs serving employees with better states of health and providing them with alternatives in the case of risks and injuries are important in any organization. With the presence of health workers within companies, employees will be able to access such programs at all times. The health workers will certainly develop health programs enabling employees to enhance their knowledge and awareness of self-management and other coping skills like living healthy lifestyles.

Morale and job satisfaction are the desire of many employees. With the adoption of health programs that go towards protecting the employees, they will certainly develop a feeling that the company is open and direct about their health needs. As such, they will develop a positive perception of the company, accompanied by good job satisfaction and improved morale. It is with no doubt that improved employee morale directly influences positive production within the company (Emerick & Lewis, 2013). The presence of the health workers in the company is a clear indicator that health provision has been made as one of the top priorities of the company. This will promote openness of the employees as regards their states of health and well-being. As such, they will be able to access immediate medical care that comes and goes at every interval in the company (Turnock, 2015).

Concisely, employees are the greatest beneficiaries when the health, safety, and wellness services are provided within the corridors of the company. The privileged mainly goes to the employees, whose medical cover, in most cases, do not have sufficient consideration based on the many responsibilities of different t sectors of life (Savitz & Weber, 2013). The employees will have an increased self-esteem, self-image, and self-well-being, courtesy of the health workers within the organization. Such increased employee confidence is a step forward within the company in the provision of its products and services to the customers.

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