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Hawaiian people are Polynesians, having come to Hawaii most likely from the Marquesas and the Society Islands in several successive migrations. Their origin story refers to them having come from foreign lands. There were several different migrations according to traditional Hawaiian folklore. Their belief systems are rooted in Polynesian theology but with specific traits endemic to the Hawaiian islands. These groups settled the islands in tribal units. The stark geography of the islands, with its steep valleys, huge mountains and lush forest, allowed some degree of independence between different groups. They developed a political structure that featured an overall ruler, or mo'i, and each clan had a chief, or ali'i. There was a priest class as well (Waimea.com, 2016).

Hawaiians have deep spiritual ties to the Hawaiian islands. Hawaiians revere nature, and many of their gods are rooted in this spirituality. There are few pure-blooded Hawaiians, but many people in the state have at least some Hawaiian blood and many of these consider themselves to be Hawaiian and partake of traditional Hawaiian culture to some degree (Goo, 2015).

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For the health care practitioner, there are a few things to know about Hawaiian spirituality and beliefs, and their approach to medicine. The ancient Hawaiian culture incorporated a system of personal development, or well-being, and this still exists today. For decades, however, they were forbidden from practicing their native religions. This only changed in 1979 with the passing of the Native Hawaiian Religious Freedom Act, so there are many native Hawaiians who may be suspicious of sharing their religion with outsiders. They specifically have been forced to hide it, and may continue to do that to some extent, when in the presence of outsiders (Huna.com, 2016).

Web Content on Hawaiian Culture and Nursing Implications Assignment

Yet, there are few native Hawaiian health professionals. Recent programs have been implemented to increase this number, but for the time being there are many situations where native Hawaiians seeking health care will deal with outsiders, which may result in them being somewhat guarded, especially where matters of religion and spirituality are concerned. The emphasis on holistic… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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