Hazal Emre History of World Essay

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The natural illumination is obviously functional as it helps readers in a practical sense to be able to see the lettering on the pages of the books. Natural illumination also has another implicit and romantic symbolism, it allows for man to enter an unnatural man made structure while at the same time not losing touch with one of natures most important and beneficial elements for man kind which is light. The Iron used in the design is also beneficial becuase it adds strength and protection from fires to the structures, it works in conjuncition with the concept of natural illumination because it allows the volume of the structural support system to be less dense, thereby allowing more light to penentrate the structure. The use of Iron in the structure can also be seen as dramatically romantic statement that comments on industrial revolution that was in its early development stages during the first and middle part of the nineteenth century. Romanticism was concerned with the dramatic developments in the life of humans and of nature. The industrial revolution provided many new, dramatic and important developments for humans to ponder and disscuss during this time period. Allowing for the Library of St. Genevieve to be functional, practical and useful for the public supports the ideals of the French Revolution which called for the illumination of the public in both the political and educational sectors.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Essay on Hazal Emre History of World Assignment

As a topic of importance one can also consider the relatively simple form of a book when compared to the composition and design of the building itself. The building appears to share several fundamental and important qualities with the books that it holds within. The similarities between the two can used to find commonalities between the romantic movement in architecture and the seemingly opposing or contradictory design of the St. Genevieve Library. Books of the time period being disscussed were relative simple and bland on outside. Most of the time they were inscripted with only the title and the name of author. However, once a book is opened and read, it becomes very complex and versatile, it is a window to another world filled with dramas, conflicts, beauty, danger and a variety of never-ending elements too long to list. The design of the Librairy of St. Genevieve is composed in a similar manner. The outside facades are simple and curiously, they have inscripted on them the names of great authors hundreds of them in total. The relative simplicity of the facacades is undeniable, much like the exterior of a book it serves only to identify the contents held within. Entering the St. Genevieve Library is a lot like opening and reading a book, all the complexities and dramas are contained within. The interior of the librairy is made to inspire and delight and to serve a purpose, much like the intended purpose of books on readers.

The design of the library of St. Genevieve is one that holds symbolic and metaphorical elements that are closely related to designer's romantic beleifs. In order to grasp and understand these, one must take into consideration both the exterior and exterior designs and how these relate to the value of the books held inside. The value of the books is knowledge they contain and the attainment of that knowlegde is made possible by the design of the structue which provides the natural light for these books be read.

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