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However, I also believe that Fuller cannot be held solely responsible for the addictions. Much of the addiction of street children stems from the social conditions in which they are forced to live. In essence, it is a combination of both the social conditions and the access to such a harmful, addictive inhalant that is to blame. So, Fuller is only responsible for part of the addiction problem. However, I do feel that Fuller is responsible for the actions of its subsidiaries. If Fuller is making money off of the product (which they are), then they can hardly blame someone else for the problem while they are pocketing the proceeds. Furthermore, a subsidiary, by definition, is a company that is completely controlled by another company. In this case, Fuller controls their subsidiaries and is responsible for their actions.

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Again, H.B. Fuller did not conduct itself in an appropriate manner. First of all, H.B. Fuller blamed the "social conditions" in third world countries for the addiction problem. However, Fuller also knew that their product was relatively easy for Central American street children to get and they were very aware that their product was causing such harm. If this problem had occurred within the United States where the living conditions are much better, H.B. Fuller would not be as morally wrong because there would not be other detrimental factors that would cause such abuse. In the case of Central America, Fuller did nothing to help social conditions. They blamed the abuse on poor social conditions and continued to contribute to the problem instead of fix it.

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Term Paper on H.B. Fuller Case Study H.B. Assignment

The thing that I feel the company could have done differently was to not manufacture the product in a country where such conditions exist. If they are, in fact, priding themselves on being such a socially responsible company (which they do), Fuller would have considered the social factors involved in manufacturing such toxic chemicals and came up with an alternative solution (or geographical location) to manufacturing the glue. Since this issue has arisen, Fuller has developed a less toxic product. If they were socially responsible, this new product would have been the first one they manufactured, not an alternative to a more deadly one. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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