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[. . .] There are many things that make up an education, and in the helping professions such as nursing, much of this information is a hands-on type of learning that cannot be obtained anywhere but on the job.

Financing is another large concern, as many hospitals have cut back their staff in the face of rising costs. There are arguments that hospitals charge much more than they should for the services that they offer, especially if one does not have any health insurance. However, regardless of what they charge for what they do, hospitals are having a difficult time keeping their bills paid. This is largely because of the malpractice insurance that they must carry, the supplies that they must buy, and the salaries that they must pay to their doctors. Many of these costs are so high that they have little left over for nurses and other hospital workers who are vitally important to the running of the hospital but have not yet received the money and the recognition that so many of them deserve.

Managed care will require a lot of discussion throughout this study, as it is one of the main reasons that many believe there is a problem with the current funding of hospitals and the rising costs of medial care for all individuals in this country. As more businesses use HMOs and other managed care plans for their insurance, the costs have not gone down and many people are not happy about the lack of choice when it comes to doctors and medications.

Managed care organizations also do not cover as many procedures as traditional insurance, but traditional insurance is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. This is not directly related to nursing, but there is some correlation, as managed care difficulties and the lower amount that often gets paid to doctors and hospitals under managed care plans contribute to the shortage of funds that is available to raise nurses' salaries or train and hire more nurses to take the place of those that are leaving.

In this study, the reasons behind managed care difficulties and the shortage of funds will be brought to light, as well as the lack on training for nurses and the financial problems that plague hospitals. In examining these issues, it will be shown that the shortage of funding and the consequent shortage of nurses is causing difficulties that will stretch into the future and continue to cause difficulties as the population of the United States gets older and begins to require more care. As people are living longer, nurses are needed more often.

This is not true only of hospitals, but also of nursing homes, hospice care, and on-call nursing programs. The problem is wide-ranging, and many at first glance do not realize how serious it has become until they are in need of medical care of some kind and see that the profession is being affected by the difficulties that nurses are facing. Shortages are being experienced in all areas of the nursing profession, and without studying this problem and finding the solutions to it, the issue will not resolve itself.

Importance of the Study

It goes without saying that there is great importance in this type of study. There is a necessity to determining what needs to be done to correct the problems being faced by hospitals as they deal with the current nursing shortage.

The consequences of the nursing shortage are having an impact on the medical field today, and on what kind of care the patients are getting. It is only logical to assume that this effect will remain, and possibly even worsen, in the future.

There are implications for the future that must be dealt with today if problems are to be headed off. Not only are the salaries and jobs of nurses endangered by the financial and other problems facing hospitals, but patient care is also endangered. This is not to say that patients' lives are in danger because of this, but that these patients' quality of care is significantly less than it would be if there were more nurses available. More nurses could care for them and provide them with what they need in addition to what they only require in the areas of medication and other issues.

Nurses are becoming more frustrated with the quality of their jobs, and this is creating internal conflict for them. They are experiencing difficulties with their salaries, and also with finding enough time throughout the day to properly care for their patients the way that they would like to. This conflict is harming not only the nurses, but the doctors and hospital administration as well, as the concerns of one person or group of people often affect others when they work closely together under stressful situations as many often do in a hospital setting.

Studies like this one are so important because the awareness of this problem is not always apparent to the general public, and it needs to be known so that steps can be taken to correct it. Without nurses, many people would suffer needlessly, and without enough nurses, those same people suffer, and so do the nurses that are still available. This study therefore becomes important to many different groups of people, not just to one facet of society. Information contained in this type of study is important to nurses, doctors, hospital administrators, the general public (as they may be patients as some point), managed care organizations, and educators.

Nurses need this information so that they can make informed decisions about their profession. This can help them determine whether they wish to remain in it and try to help adjust the future for themselves and those that come after them, or whether they wish to remove themselves from it and seek employment elsewhere, where they might have the potential to have fewer hours and a higher salary. This is not an easy decision for many of these nurses, because they have been in the profession for quite some time. They chose this work because they wanted to help others, and often times that was put before personal needs or financial considerations.

However, not all nurses can put others before themselves when it comes to making money and being able to survive. Some also develop health problems because of the long hours and high stress that they work under. Studies into why nursing is having such difficulties may offer these individuals some hope for the future, or may assist them in deciding whether they wish to put their needs first and move on if they do not feel that the problems in their profession will be improved in a timely manner that would be beneficial to them.

Doctors are another group affected by this study. They usually make large salaries, and some people argue that they should get paid less so that the nurses could make more. There are many demands placed on doctors, but it is often nurses that do much of the basic work. Because of this, the nurses get very little recognition for all of the work that they do, while the doctors receive a great deal for the follow-up work they do after the nurse has done the basics.

Not all nurses are resentful of this, as most of it is their job. However, doctors would be wise to pay attention to the nurses that they work with and listen to what they really have to say. Much of what they are feeling can be easily conveyed to others if attention is paid, and doctors can then determine whether a nurse that they work with is feeling overworked, underpaid, and underappreciated.

All of these are signs that the nurse in question might need a break. Even if the doctor is somewhat short-staffed, finding a way for the nurse to take a couple of days off will be less costly than replacing her with a new nurse when she decides to leave. Ideally, the doctor would have enough nurses on staff that they could all have enough time off to meet their needs. Unfortunately, this is often not the case.

The administrators at many hospitals have begun to pay much more attention to nurses recently. This is because they are realizing that many nurses are leaving and few new nurses are stepping up to fill the spots left by the veterans. Sometimes these nurses retire, but more often they go off to do another job. They desire better pay, better treatment, and shorter hours. They desire to not be taken for granted, which is what many of them feel is happening to their once-loved nursing profession. Administrators are becoming more interested in studies such as this one, because it gives them insight not only into what some of the nurses think, but also into underlying problems… [END OF PREVIEW]

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