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[. . .] Today, exercise does not automatically bring to mind endless workouts, or marathon runs; today, exercise is a form of activity that one would enjoy doing, and this could be anything from dancing to jogging, to fitness walking, and to ballroom dancing. There are others who choose unique forms of activity, like mountain biking to skating, and step aerobics, which is almost like a dance, wherein participants climb up and down steps holding weights in their hands. Cross training is also popular these days, which is a form of exercise that combines different forms of exercise in a less boring and more interesting way for the exercisers. This means that today, the older idea that exercises must of course be painful and boring has changed almost completely, and the idea that one must and can indeed enjoy one's exercise has taken its place. It was during the 1980's that researchers found that moderate exercise would ensure the well being and the health of the individual, and that expending about 1000 calories a day would bring about the desired results. (University of California at Berkeley, 233)

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Exercise and the effective management of disease are interconnected, and today, this fact is also being widely recognized and accepted. Therefore, to remain free from disease, one must undertake some form of exercise on a regular basis. Physical inactivity is one of the main reasons for the onset of cardiovascular disease, and if there is a minimum of thirty minutes of moderate exercise everyday, then the risk would be considerably lowered. (Leutholtz; Ripoll, 22) Stroke can be prevented, and also diabetes, obesity, back pain, osteoporosis, and many other moderate and high risk diseases. For an individual to gain the greatest possible benefits of exercise, he must therefore undertake at least twenty to thirty minutes of some form of exercise three or more times a week, and also indulge in some form of muscle strengthening and stretching activities at least two times every week.

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If a person feels that he is unable to put in this exercise, then he can accumulate at least thirty minutes of exercise everyday, for five times a week. If a person has been inactive for some time, then he can start off with moderate speed walking, or opt for swimming, at a pace that is comfortable for him. Gradually, as he becomes fit, he can increase the speed and the time. It is a sad fact that millions of Americans today suffer form illnesses that can either be prevented or at the very least, improved, with exercise. Hip fractures, obesity and related diseases, colon cancer, diabetes are only some such diseases, which could have been avoided if the person had devoted just thirty minutes of his time to exercising. (Health benefits of Exercise)

It must be remembered that exercise does offer several short-term benefits in addition to the above mentioned long-term benefits as well. Some of them are that it relaxes and revitalizes the entire system, and it reduces mental and muscular tensions, it increases concentration and also energy levels, it increases the self-esteem and the self-confidence of the person, it gives the person the sense that he is allowed to have some fun while he is exercising, and this in itself can prove to be a huge motivating factor for the exerciser, and this can make him continue to exercise despite all odds. (The Benefits of Exercise)

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