Health Care Changes and Trends Essay

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The same is true of aging, which must be treated with greater care and attentiveness as individuals live longer.


As noted above, system-wide changes such as the advance EHRs are valuable but require an evaluation of new technology. (Elmore, p. 1) This evaluation should include a cost-benefit analysis in which we assess the risks to privacy as compared to the benefits to system efficiency.

Other areas of technological advance include the introduction of new medicines such as "an intelligent pill that can be programmed to deliver targeted doses of medication to patients with digestive disorders such as Crohn's disease, colitis, and colon cancer." (CSC, p. 1) New devices such as advanced imaging machinery and surgical robotics are also leading to incredible advances in treatment capabilities.


The role of the government in the healthcare reform process has been especially controversial and impactful over the course of the Obama Administration. Obama's Affordable Care Act introduced sweeping new standards aimed at lowering the costs of healthcare across the boards. Among its many points in favor of the change, the Administration would indicate that "the rising share of health expenditures also has dire implications for government budgets. Almost half of current health care spending is covered by Federal, state, and local governments. If health care costs continue to grow at historical rates, Medicare and Medicaid spending (both Federal and state) will rise to nearly 15% of GDP in 2040." (White House, p. 1)

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The new legislation resulting in what continues to be a vitriolic confrontation between liberal and conservative political values. Though the legislation is projected to reign in costs and improve efficiency, conservative lawmakers and lobbyists argue that the legislation is too laden with regulations over private enterprises.

Trends to Watch

TOPIC: Essay on Health Care Changes and Trends Assignment

Among the many trends to look out for in the immediate future, perhaps nothing is more concerning than the mass retirement of baby boomers. This, combined with a lower birth rate across the last two decades, means that we are in danger of over-burdening the healthcare system. The result may be low nurse patient ratios, rationing of available healthcare facilities and skyrocketing rates of uninsured Americans.

The Affordable Care Act has introduced a number of regulatory advances that may improve prospects, including more acute comparative effectiveness research, and the promotion of more intuitive quality measures such as hospital readmission rates. These measures are used to promote a pay-for-performance structure that will make hospitals more accountable. Additional advances include the promotion of improved technologies such as the use of robotics in medical procedures, more refined regulatory oversight of natural remedies, and greater reliance on the opportunities afforded by the use of the World Wide Web. Indeed, the web paves the way for strategies such as the use of Virtual MCOs for low-risk patients and promotion of greater personal responsibility through improved independent health literacy.

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