Health Care Debate Research Paper

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Just as these reforms were announced, they spurred a debate in the entire society. The capitalists in turn argue that the health care reform in the employment sector is there so that nothing happens to the workforce. Functionalists believe that if all the people in the society were given equal health care then none would fall sick and the society would keep working. This health care reform only targets the working force and those who are working in business. Again, this sets apart those persons who aren't working or are not eligible to work in thus situations.

Even though functionalism explains the righteous acts and actions in a society, it fails to address the negative aspects of the society. Surely, this reform would lead to medical quality being enhanced for the entire population. However, the functionalist would ignore or not attend to the joblessness and economic distress that would fall on the employer and the masses at large. Functionalism therefore is weak in assessing the negative aspects like economic distress and divorce in a society. It doesn't present with ways or how the person should act to change a certain situation. Changes or drastic movements are not approved or even mentioned in the functionalistic theory. This is because problems can arise in attempting to bring the situation back to equilibrium.


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Research Paper on Health Care Debate That Has Assignment

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