Health Care Discussion Quesstions. Marketing Health Service Essay

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Health Care Discussion Quesstions.

Marketing Health Service magazine as a reliable source of information


Administrators and managers of health care organizations face huge problems as a result of the dynamic nature of healthcare provision. There are revenue operations, program activities, standards, monitoring and research activities which the managers need to focus on in order to propel the organization towards success and achievement of its goals and objectives. Therefore any source of reliable and timely information for the senior-level managers could prove to be beneficial for the organization since they will be able to make the appropriate decisions for the situation at hand.

With the Marketing Health Services quarterly magazine's target audience being senior-level managers in the healthcare industry, the magazine could prove to be effective in helping healthcare organizations reach to the target audience to let them know what facilities are available in a particular healthcare organization and also what goals and visions have been achieved. This magazine will help the organization to see their shortcomings as well as their areas of success and thus re-strategize their activities to achieve success.

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The information in the quarterly Marketing Health Services magazine will also help the senior-level managers to network in order to share knowledge and skills which will help to device better marketing strategies for healthcare organizations. It will create complex inter-organizational relationships enabling them to share their strategic visions, goals, objectives and tactics to create attention to the role played by the management of healthcare organizations in marketing of their service delivery. The magazine also contains roundtable discussions held by the managers of leading healthcare organizations which will help to advance decision-making procedures by providing the guiding principles and strategic directions which organizations can follow American Marketing Association, 2012.

TOPIC: Essay on Health Care Discussion Quesstions. Marketing Health Service Assignment

The magazine will thus help the managers to collaborate and grow their knowledge towards the sustainable success of their organizations. This is important because the healthcare field is constantly changing and thus the managers will be able to see how their counterparts are responding to these changes thus also helping them to respond effectively Salls, 2012.

It would be safe to conclude that the Marketing Health Services quarterly magazine will be extremely beneficial to the target audience who are the senior-level managers as well as the whole organization in general.

Information on marketing strategies that can be used by the healthcare organization can also be acquired from other marketing journals and magazines. This is because these strategies are applicable for all organizations and not just the business organizations for which they are commonly used. Other healthcare magazines may also be good sources of information on applicable marketing strategies.

Response 2

The provision of quality healthcare involves a lot more for organizations than having the best physicians, nurses, and equipment. It involves conducting regular research to come up with new methods of treatment, reinvesting the organization's resources to support the community, and focusing the organizations' activities towards one strategic direction in order to achieve success for the fundamental goals and objectives Shipley, 2012.

The Marketing Health Services magazine will be beneficial in providing up-to-date information on the strategies being employed by other organizations as well as creating fundamental discussions to help the organizations to be successful.

The magazine is, however, positioned to achieve much more than this simple objective. First is that the magazine will help to increase the engagement of managers of healthcare organizations in the growth and development of the healthcare sector through their full engagement and commitment to the activities and discussions in the magazine. Secondly, the magazine will also help the healthcare organizations to advertise their services which could lead to strategic partnerships leading to increased number of referrals as well as increased patients for the hospitals. Last is that the magazine will help to promote ethical practice in the administration of the healthcare organizations.

Utilization of the empty beds in hospitals

Response 1

Over the last decade, empty hospital beds have been referred to as being plagues to hospitals. This is because empty beds lead to increased expenditure for the hospitals which can be easily avoided. This expenditure comes from provision of environmental services to keep the empty rooms clean and use of an integrated tracking system to keep up-to-date records on occupancy of beds Dumas, 1985()

One of the reasons for the empty beds in hospitals is the barricades to the overall throughput of the hospital. First is the turnaround time for provision of environmental services such as cleaning rooms. The second is the inefficiencies that exist in the registration and admission process that leads to late admissions. Third is poor communication between nurses, physicians and other personnel to prepare beds as well as prepare patients to be discharged. Another contributing factor is the lack of involvement of social workers in the patient discharge process which leads to delays in discharging Sabharwal, Rao, Gonzalez, & Mason, 2005()

Health care organizations have, therefore, come up with innovative ways to help the situation. One such initiative is that which has been used by Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida. The hospital had the patient placement coordinators initiative and emergency medical hospitalist service initiative. The patient placement coordinators initiative (PPC) was an initiative to increase the throughput of the emergency department to admit patients. This would improve bed utilization for the hospital by ensuring there is a quick turnaround for provision of environmental services such as cleaning and preparing rooms. Secondly, the PPCs helped to decrease the stay for patients by 24 hours by ensuring the admission and discharge process goes on smoothly Sabharwal et al., 2005()

The emergency medical hospitalist service initiative involved employing physicians to provide services during the odd hours when other specialized workers were unavailable such as night time, weekends and public holidays. This helped to ensure patients can be admitted at any time day or night and the medically necessary inpatient work-ups begin immediately. This helped to increase admissions for the hospital. The EMHS physicians and PPCs worked hand in hand to ensure admissions were well coordinated and that rooms were available, there was better patient satisfaction, increase quality of care and decreased average length of stay for patients both in the emergency and inpatient departments. This increase the overall throughput that led to improved bed utilization. By employing a similar strategy, it will be possible to achieve the same results as those achieved by Jackson Memorial Hospital Sabharwal et al., 2005()

Response 2

The demand for hospital services is unique and the organization has a very small role to play in the utilization of excess capacity in hospitals. Underutilization of capacity in hospitals results from the lack of maximization of the services provided by the hospital. The hospital needs to have a good quantity-quality relation in order to maximize their bed utilization and to reduce unnecessary expenditures on empty beds Karagiannis, 2010()

The organization will, therefore, manage to increase their capacity and bed utilization by increasing the number of services provided as well as the quality of services. This suggests that the organization needs to assess its performance in order to find its strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for growth. This will then help to know which services the hospital needs to add and which services need to be improved in order to maximize utilization of the facilities in the hospital. The hospital will also need to engage in marketing activities such as advertising their products and services locally and regionally in magazines, newspapers, through mass media and other channels in order to increase utilization of their services to reduce the number of empty beds. In so doing, the hospital will be able to optimize their throughput to increase number of admissions significantly.

Opinion on the questions

The two questions are very important for health care administrators in any healthcare organization. This is because they deal with two challenges that are faced in the day-to-day performance of their function in the organization. Healthcare administrators are faced with the challenge of finding appropriate sources of information on marketing strategies that are applicable for their organization. However, thankfully, there is the Marketing Health Services quarterly magazine which serves to educate the senior-level managers on new techniques that they can use as well as getting their full participation in the discussions of relevant issues in the healthcare industry. Senior-level healthcare managers in various organizations thus need to subscribe to the magazine as well as participate in the ways possible. This will help them to get up-to-date accurate information on changes that are taking place in the healthcare industry and using this information, the managers can be able to know which direction to guide their decision towards and what the appropriate decisions are. The organization will thus succeed in achieving its goals and objectives in satisfying all stakeholders such as patients, investors, physicians, nurses, administrators, etc.

The second question tackles the challenge of utilization of empty beds in facilities. This is also a challenge that healthcare organizations have been facing for decades now. The number of patients… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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