Health Care Information System Essay

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S. crisis prevention and The Day Link Monitor (Akey. Larry, 2001).

However, the pressing innovation need for health care in a community is what can help the people to get drug prescription without moving to a physician office. These would reduce the cost of travel to community hospital to meet with a doctor, a physician or a nurse so to get the appropriate drug. It therefore, shall safe time and finance. Besides, it shall improve the delivery of services to the community.

I therefore, recommend "E- prescribing Technology as the best innovation suitable to serve the need of the community, in providing better health care and improve services to the people.

E-prescribing Technology

It's an electronically prescription, generation and transmission of drugs to patients. After which the prescription could either be faxed or mailed to a person. It also assists physicians, nurses and other practitioners to electronically transmit a new prescription or renewal authorization of drugs to a community or by mail order to pharmacy.

When you compare E-prescription with paper-based prescription, e-prescription enhance patient safety and medication fulfillment, even accuracy and efficiency of prescription improve, which therefore reduces the cost of health care cost (Larry, 2002). It could further improve the efficiency by eliminating errors which normally occurred when drugs are prescribed to a patient.

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E-prescribing also may play a significant role in efforts to reduce the incidence of drug diversion by alerting providers and pharmacists of duplicative prescriptions for controlled substances.

The listed are the benefits of E-prescription to the community and medication practitioners as well:

E-prescription safe the time spends to fax prescription to pharmacies. By so doing both parties (prescriber and pharmacist) safe time, labor and resources hence low cost.

TOPIC: Essay on Health Care Information System the Assignment

It further increases the drug surveillance and recall capacity, the system queries and report analysis could be generated which help to patients prescription method, type of medication which may be used at a later time by physician.

Therefore, it is the best healthcare information system innovation which could change how people in our community receive medical services from hospitals.

This would be the best system since it had been used by other hospitals across the country for example General Hospital in Massachusetts and Brigham and Women Hospital. It has proved right to majority of physicians; doctors researchers, nurses and other medical practitioner use it to deliver quick service to patients. It does matter where the prescriber is since it can be loaded on the PDA and access any time (Shapiro. Ruth, 2008).

It has allowed policy makers and patients to control fast rising drugs, which in Massachusetts the cost of drugs in Brigham and Women hospital fairly low and affordable, because e-prescription contained even the insurer's data of every clients which facilitate fast transmission in terms of payment.

According to data obtained from Brigham and Women's Hospital, patients are charged fairly low and co-payment for generic mediators, this encourages people to use generic name of the time. For example instead of saying drug, the patients ought to say (tie 1), and would be charged low. But, the main challenge with system is that, lack of current data on insurer's prescription drug formularies at the moment of prescribing (Boxerman, 2008). Finally doctors who used e-prescription are accounts for approximately over two hundred thousand (200,000) files.

In recommending the management to adopt the E-prescription Technology in a community Healthcare where I live. First I would advise the organization to get a system champion. Someone respected in the organization and has a passion for information technology for health care. This would push the project through various stages to the implementation stage. However, I would advice the management to visit Brigham and Women's Hospital to learn how their system works and advantages it comes with at first hand.

In conclusion, I believe if the management system for Health care is to be upgraded or the innovated one is required. Then E-prescription fit the need of the health care in our community, to improve services and improve quality.


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