Health Care Information Technology Changes Essay

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However, even though there might be enough incentives for such groups in use to add efficiency and quality of care, there might be no or little incentive to make sure the information become available beyond their network or foreign network. Moreover, the definite Health information technology benefits and standards to the public will be realized when information across providers have been linked, as well as nursing homes and physicians, establishing additional privacy issues and finances, (Mariusz Duplaga, 2000) .

Since health information technology systems are always costly they need a significant investment in trained staff, software and hardware. The hospital will have to ensure therefore that there is adequate training of the nurses in the use of the new information system in order for this system to be useful in the reduction of the working hours of the nurses.

Though some of the health care are on their way to have more effective systems, such as developing retooling as standards, smaller health care are the most affected and require this assistance and a good instance is our hospital. It is certain that health information technology is definitely a major driving force in ensuring that the shifts are shorter.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Health Care Information Technology Changes Assignment

Some of the innovation that can be of much help to the hospital is consumer centric and information-rich care. This will allow medical information to follow the consumer, as well as information tools guide medical decisions. This will mea the nurses will not have to do the double work of having to be the ones to call and relay the medical information to clients once they were out of the hospital. It will also make clinicians to have appropriate access to the complete treatment history of patients such as laboratory results, medication history, radiography and medical records within a shorter period of time. Nurses will be able to order medications with computerized systems doing away with handwriting errors and they will have automatic check for too high or too low doses, have a way of interacting with other harmful drugs and allergies. They will have the opportunity to check prescriptions against the health plan's formulary, as well as there can be comparison of out-of-pocket costs of the prescribed drug with their alternative treatments. There will be electronic reminders for nurses in terms of alerts regarding treatment procedures and medical guidelines. It is another way of delivering health care to the patients as well as saving the nurses the strenuous schedules. When such approach is used then there will be fewer variations in care, fewer unnecessary treatments or wasteful care, fewer medical errors, definitely it will bring improvement to the health care within the hospital and most importantly reduce significantly the number of working hours for the nurses per shift (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2013).


Bringing in health information technology provide opportunity for transforming health care delivery, shifting information to the correct place and turning health care back to revolve around consumer. Such is able to be carried out with minimal regulation or industry upheaval. With this the people can have a less wasteful care, more efficient care, more available care, and more appropriate care and save the nurses the strain of having to stay for 12 hours at a go in a shift. Though the changes brought by information technology within the health care might bring challenges to the longstanding assumptions and practices, such changes are for the betterment of the hospital, the patients and the nurses in equal measure.


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