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Leading people in a health care organization means to provide an environment where skilled professionals are empowered and motivated to provide the best care that they can. The industry employs a mix of highly-skilled professionals (physicians, nurses) and support staff, and it is imperative for patient outcomes that all of these employees are able to work to the best of their capabilities. Any health care organization will require a significant amount of interaction between different units, sometimes with conflicting objectives. This complexity makes leadership in health care challenging -- leaders need to view the organization as a machine and the parts of that machine need to work together well in order for the machine's outputs to be optimized (Plsek & Wilson, 2001).

Because there are many different units with any health care organizations, and most have some degree of specialized knowledge, there is a tendency to compartmentalize expertise. It is imperative, however, that the different components of the organization have trust in one another (Annison, 1998). One of the main roles of a leader is to foster that trust, so that the organization works efficiently and effectively towards common goals. Common goals and trust provide substantial motivation for health care workers. One of the elements of complexity for the leaders is to focus the different elements of the organization on disparate goals ranging from patient outcomes to profitability. That these goals sometimes seem to be mutually exclusive sometimes highlights the need for creativity in leadership, to find innovative solutions or empower the workforce to seek innovative solutions for themselves.

The staff is just one of the resources that must be managed by health care leaders. These staff members are a central resource that works with capital, equipment, time and knowledge to deliver patient outcomes and financial results (Treasure, 2001). A leader in a health care organization must be able to understand how all of these disparate resources work together… [END OF PREVIEW]

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