Health Care Management (Strategic Operations Plan) Research Paper

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The tool will allow the identification of the causes of a particular event. The causes that can be identified include people involved in the process, methods, machines, materials, measurement, and environmental factor that will influence the quality of the processes in the clinic (Perez, 2009).

I will also use Pareto Chart to improve the quality of processes in the clinic. The chart will allow for the comparison of the frequency of occurrence and alternative courses of action effective for managing uncertainties. One of the techniques I will adopt to ensure quality improvement is providing regular training programs to the employees to build their competence. Collaborative decision-making will make them work towards achieving a common goal (Organizations, 2005).

How to develop and maintain ethical, quality, and complaint practice for the long-term

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Developing and maintaining ethical, quality, and complaint practice in the organization will require the establishment of moral foundation that will promote ethical decision-making. One of the practices that will promote the above is setting the bar for employees in the organization. This will allow them to work towards achieving the set goals and the realization of the overall missions and targets. The organization will also motivate the desired behavior. This will reinforce the desired organizational behavior that promotes sustainability of the ethics, standards, and compliant practice. Other practices that will develop and sustain the above practices include sustaining the desired behavior by requiring commitment, scaling ethics, and establishing a department held with the responsibility of addressing the complaints of the employees and the clients (Buchbinder & Shanks, 2012).

Regulatory Bodies I will be concerned with on an ongoing basis

Research Paper on Health Care Management (Strategic Operations Plan) Assignment

Some of the regulatory bodies I will be concerned with on an ongoing basis include the American Nurses Association, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the United States Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR). These regulatory bodies will provide with the necessary updates on issues related to the standards of health care, emergence, and management of new conditions and supervision of the health care standards across the state.

Possible future areas of operations/issues/policies

The health care sector is one of the sectors undergoing rapid transformation in the current global environment. Market analysis shows that, most of the U.S. population is shifting its focus from the public hospitals towards the privately owned health care facilities. This indicates a significant opportunity for the growth of the sector in the coming future. However, the increasing rate of adoption of new technology by other healthcare organizations is expected to increase in the future. This will translate to financial constraints that will affect the overall performance of the clinic. It is inarguable that, the increasing availability of new opportunities in the future will come together with strict rules and regulations for the healthcare organizations. This will translate to an increased need for transparency, responsibility, respect for patients' rights, and accountability (Foreman, Milisen, & Fulmer, 2010).

How I will create an optimal care environment

Establishing a healing environment is one of the key approaches, I will adopt in order to create an optimal care environment. A healing environment refers to the environment that reduces stress and anxiety in patients with terminal illnesses. Such environment provides patients with opportunities to reflect on their lives and have a peaceful death. To facilitate this, I will provide an environment that offers options, positive diversions, social support and increase connection to nature to improve the health outcomes of patients. Other strategies that will be applicable in ensuring optimal care include strengthening patient-centered care, rehabilitative services, and home care provision of health care services (Organizations, 2005).


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