Health Care Marketing in Practice Research Paper

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Healthcare Marketing -- Market Opportunity

Market Opportunity Analysis: Good Samaritan Hospital (Los Angeles, CA)

In understanding Market Opportunity analysis in the context of healthcare marketing, I have chosen the Good Samaritan Hospital website as the case for my analysis. I was struck by the hospital's website because of two reasons: (1) it has a clear and interesting branding as a healthcare institution, not to mention that the hospital was able to develop a catchy tagline, "Good Sam. Good Doctors" and (2) the hospital's website is well-organized, very informative, and has diverse yet organized content within.

Good Samaritan Hospital has a clear and effective branding, reflected in its usage of the name "Good Sam," a shortened version of the hospital's name and at the same time, a personification of the hospital. To the client/patient, this personalizes the hospital by giving it a positive persona -- the persona of Good Sam. To strengthen its branding, the hospital also developed a tagline, "Good Sam. Good Doctors." This tagline emphasizes the hospital's expertise and competitive edge over other hospitals, which is its pool of doctors, both generalists and specialists. Thus, through its branding and tagline, clients will get an impression of Good Samaritan as a friendly yet competitive (general) hospital.

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Second to branding, Good Samaritan Hospital has also developed a well-structured and dynamic website, making it an interesting platform for clients to browse through and get information about the hospital, its doctors, its services, and other activities and medical information. From the website, the client/patient is able to get a better idea of the hospital's competitiveness, from its doctors to its facilities and technologies, and even its mission and vision as a community hospital that has developed to be a center of excellence in various fields in medicine and healthcare.

TOPIC: Research Paper on Health Care Marketing in Practice Assignment

Using the Market Opportunity matrix, the following assessment demonstrates the current scenario and marketing scope of Good Sam. Similarly, within the matrix, one will have an idea of the potential that Good Sam has in providing more services and even diversifying its products and services to expand and increase its share in the market:

Existing Services

New Services

Existing Markets

Market Penetration

Strengthen and increase competitiveness of generalist and specialist doctors through continuous learning, providing more opportunities for learning advancement in the form of subsidized courses, trainings, out-of-country seminars, and specialized medical fora

Service Development

Develop a personalized, less academic approach to reaching out to patients/clients. Develop health/medical clubs or communities of learners that periodically informs patients about latest medical news or information about a specific medical area of interest to them. Information… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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