Health Care Marketing Essay

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This method can be traced back to early 1970s when automakers in the United States of America were in locked in the middle of the trouble that they found themselves in due to the changes that occurred in the demographic trends. The consumers then were older hence they inclined to buy anything the Americans produced since had not forgotten about the bombarding of the Pearl of Harbor during the second world war, so they could not by Japanese vehicles, but this was not the case with the younger generation who bought the Japanese vehicles. Another thing is that Japanese vehicles have continued to develop a better reputation over the years.

The method of segmenting by geography, tend to suggest where the customers are located, how they can be reached and the kind of products they buy in the locations where they are located. It is essential as far as selling goes. For instance a seller is willing to open up a local store, they are most likely to carry a research that will help them in determining which geographical location will best suit their full potential. For example if they are willing to put up a high-end restaurant then they should locate it near local college or country club.

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Segmenting by psychographics is always what the customers think about and the values that the organization sets, it also looks on how the customers live their lives. It offers to fulfill the gaps that are left by specific demographic groups. The information from psychographic segmentation can be used to innovate and make other products. It can also be used to make the customers to believe in the products hence making them their preferred choices over a long period of time.


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TOPIC: Essay on Health Care Marketing Assignment

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