Health Care Policy Bill Formulation Term Paper

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Health Care Policy Bill Formulation

What the legislation will target

The talking points

Bill writing

Policy to monitor and regulate drug abuse and trafficking

Legislative action

Health Care Policy Bill Formulation: substance abuse

The issue of substance abuse is a societal menace that is gritting the world economies to the ground due to its enormous negative effects. The term substance abuse refers to the use of illicit drugs or medicinal drugs for mood altering purpose in a person. The drugs that people abuse have a property of addiction in them, which leads to their excessive consumption by the user over time. It is the effects of substance abuse in the society such as; crime rates, gender related and other forms of violence and resource wastage among others that necessitates the development of policies by the federal government to manage the retail and use of drugs in the country.

What the legislation will target

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The National Association of Board Pharmacy is crying foul of the increasing misuse of prescription drugs, addiction and resulting deaths from the same. Moreover, the law enforcers continue to grumble with headaches on how to crack down on the increased drug trafficking cases in the country (Kleiman, Caulkins & Hawken, 2011). The worst hit region in the United States is the southern part of the country, with the drug trafficking and substance use-gaining root in the whole country over the past decade. It is the national crimes rate report by the law enforcers that drew my interests in the issue of drug and substance abuse in the country.

Term Paper on Health Care Policy Bill Formulation Assignment

The Federal Bureau of Investigation released a report on the past patterns of arrests and issues of crime related to drug trafficking and substance abuse in the year 2012. In this report, resounding arrests of 725, 160 people on drug related crime, in the single year awakened the outcry of the every person in the country. Tabulated results of the cases of drug related arrests and their break down shows that, most of the arrested cases only castrated the final consumers of the drugs. The final consumers are those who after taking the drugs commit various crimes. However, the real sting on the issue is that, the traffickers, who are the cause of the menace in the society, due to the influence they weld, influence the law enforcement process. This way, the traffickers remain free of the arrests leading to worse cases of drug and substance abuse.

In view of these cases of drug and substance abuse in the society and the inadequate measures and means of tackling the issue: I propose a bill that addresses interdiction and apprehension, and consequent prosecution of the substance abuse menace. The target of the legislation is the traffickers of the substances as there are enough regulations that target the abusers of the drugs. The elimination of the presence of these substances that the unsuspecting and unknowing; users of drugs abuse is the root to the elimination of the menace (Kleiman, Caulkins & Hawken, 2011). Illicit drug trafficking reports and cases reported to the law enforcement officers need strict and supportive regulations to ensure the elimination of the issue in the society. The bill targets the traffickers as they form the larger constituent of the arrested persons yet they get free after a while due to the inadequate means of addressing the issues. Additionally, the use of treatment drugs for other purposes as not intended is also an issue, and as such, the bill will target the drug vendors who prescribe drugs without following the proper channels.

Background information

The increasing outcry by various organizations and units concerned with drug and substance use management in the society are increasingly drawing the attention of many concerned parties. The affected and impacted people by the substance abuse issue continue to elicit mixed feelings about the issue. The research report, National Survey on Drug Use and Health by the United States department of health and human services; on the issue of substance abuse and mental health services in the country indicates a rising and worrying trend in substance abuse (Drug and substance abuse awareness night, 2013). The report indicates the consumption of various drugs, both legal and illegal in the society in a manner that brings negative effects on the individual has continued to rise. This is despite the initiatives by the various governmental and non-governmental departments and bodies to address the issues. For instance, in this report, it breaks down the structures of substance abuse in the country, showing how different factors, for example, as age, gender, stage of education, unemployment and parental issues among others contribute to drugs and substance abuse. The report gives statistics indicating that, among the most abused drugs and substances in the country are tobacco, marijuana and alcohol (Hanson, Venturelli & Fleckenstein, 2012). Additionally, other cases of drug abuse in the country are represented; although they do not account for much percentage as these. The report indicates the various means employed in addressing the issue of substance abuse in the country and their effectiveness. These are the process of treatment and correctional measures to help the consumers of the drugs. However, this does not address the issue to the core in my view as the drug traffickers, who get the drugs to these people, are out of the rehabilitation equation; thus, the need for a bill addressing the menace directly.

There is an outcry by the National Association of Boards Pharmacy (NAPB) on the issue of prescription drug abuse. This is according to the article published on their website concerning the federal legislation to prevent abuse of prescription drugs introduced to the senate. The federal legislation act, introduced into the senate by Senator Jay Rockefeller and Representative Nick Rahall, titled Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment act (SB 348) outline a number of proposed provisions (Hanson, Venturelli & Fleckenstein, 2012). In this article by the National Association of Boards Pharmacy, it outlines the issues that lead to the illicit and abusive usage of prescription drugs in the society. It cites issues such as the qualifications of the vendors of the drugs, especially those operating over the counters. It also indicates that there is a need for focus on the education of the consumer on medication issues in the country. Additionally, the bill also focuses on the issue of funding from the state on the prescription monitoring programs in the nation. This report by the pharmacy board indicates the seriousness of the issue of prescription drug abuse in the country. Such publications by the board initiate the interest in the like-minded; to pursue development of legislation and bills that address the issue of drug and substance abuse in the American community. There is a critical need to develop the society into a better place as the board fears for the lives of those affected by the menace of substances meant to help them.

While the cases of drug trafficking continue to pose headache in the minds of legislators and law enforcers in most countries; the World Health Organization continues to report more cases of the impaired system of order and justice leading to drug and substance usage. The World Health Organization stipulates that every individual in the society should have access to quality health services without lack or force. In this line, the United States government shows its commitment by implementing the bill on free medical care provision in all public hospitals (Wilson & Kolander, 2011). However, it is the report by the WHO on the issue of drug and substance abuse in the society that brings into light the need for preventive measures on drug and substance abuse. The organization, in conjunction with the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse, pulled off stories from various research and articles written by professionals on the topic of alcohol, other drugs, and their associated harm to the individual. The articles published in the website, Addiction News Daily, reveal that the abuse of drugs is worse than the way media depicts the situation. In the same report, the center released a provisional summary of the policy strategies to tackle the menace of alcohol and other drug abuses. The report in this release opened the perspective I had on the legislation employed in the country to address the issue of drug and substance abuse (Edelfield & Moosa, 2012). The abuse of substances is a matter of national concern and as such, it requires critical and intensive exploration to understand. Reading all these articles and reports, observing the statistics in the subsequent reports stirs impact on any caring person. The legislation needs to take the aspect of the preventive approach to the whole issue of substance abuse.

The talking points

The National Drug Control Policy defines the impacts of drug use as affecting every sector of the society. Substance abuse in the country affects every sector of the nation, from straining the economy of the country, the healthcare and even the criminal justice systems (Edelfield & Moosa,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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