Health Care Quality and Costs Essay

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" (American Nurses Association, nd, p. 1)

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These Advanced Practice Registered Nurses will be able to fill a need for the large population of individuals requiring health care and will be able to do so under the supervision of a physician including the ability to perform check-ups, write prescriptions and develop plan of care for patients in need of these services. This will ultimately reduce the costs of health care and improve health care quality while additionally reducing the numbers of patients admitted to the hospital. It is reported that the Institute of Medicine's Future of Nursing report recommends that APRNs be able to "practice to the full extent of their education and training and recommends that states reform their scope of practice regulations to conform "to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing Model Nursing Practice Act and Model Nursing Administrative Rules." (American Nurses Association, nd, p. 2) It is reported that other policy groups have additionally "called for the removal of legislative and regulatory barriers that impeded APRN practice." (American Nurses Association, nd, p. 2) It is reported additionally that the "new federal health care reform law- the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act= provides funding for an array of APRN services including nurse-managed health centers, as well as grants for graduate education in nurse-midwifery and geriatric nursing." (American Nurses Association, nd, p. 6) Additionally within the area of Medicare it is reported that the law would additionally "establish a demonstration program to reimburse eligible hospitals for their graduate education costs in training APRNs to provide primary and preventive care, transitional care, chronic care and other services for Medicare Patients." (American Nurses Association, nd, p. 6)

Summary and Conclusion

TOPIC: Essay on Health Care Quality and Costs Assignment

Legislative initiatives, the initiative of the President and other U.S. agencies are focused on lowering health care costs and increasing the quality of services provided. Among these initiatives are empowering APRNS to practice to the full ability of their education and experience.


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