US Health Care System Letter to the Senate Essay

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Healthcare Reform Letter

To Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid;

First, allow me to offer my most sincere and respectful gratitude for your service to the country. As a public office holder on one of the highest and most visible stages in the world, your job and its attendant responsibilities are considerable and quite challenging. Certainly, we have all seen the firsthand evidence of this over the battle involving the Affordable Care Act (ACA). That this landmark piece of legislation was both passed into legislation and defended by the United States Supreme Court represents a tremendous and exciting step forward in the quest to secure health coverage for all Americans.

Indeed, the facts and figures giving prelude to this legislation provide ample demonstration that the need for reform has been substantial. According to an a Health Affairs article dating to the early part of the Obama Administration, "our health care system is hemorrhaging funds at the rate of 16% of our GDP." (Redig 2009) This observation would underscore a troubling set of realities relating to the general wastefulness of a healthcare system that is inherently designed to maximize corporate profitability over the prioritization of high quality healthcare.

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The efforts of which you have been a vocal supporter, to bringing regulatory oversight to private healthcare operations and to extending health coverage to all Americans, are important and admirable. But it is quite clear that this battle is far from over. In protection of the private and corporate interests that form so critical a part of their constituency, Republic leaders have continued their assault on the viability of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. Today, this assault takes the form of constant road-blocking of federal funds.

TOPIC: Essay on US Health Care System Letter to the Senate Assignment

You yourself acknowledged in an interview the other day that a failure of the federal government to secure the proper… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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