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[. . .] " (Workflow Management Coalition (WIMC) and Future Strategies, Inc., 2003-09) Document types include such as birth certificates, handwritten bills submitted by providers or specialists and any other type of content of document needing "assigned and managed" according to Tinksley. Tinsley goes on to explain that that the Mosaix system: (1) integrates all components on the desktop; (2) merges documents; (3) tracks documents; and (4) delivers information to any origin.

IV. Workflow System and Mainframe Integration

The workflow system is reported to "interact with the mainframe, retrieving legacy data that resides on the Amdahl/MVS…." (Workflow Management Coalition (WIMC) and Future Strategies, Inc., 2003-09) It is reported as here that Mosaix "…integrates with the terminal emulation software, Attachmate. The system represents the first true client server environment the Company has ever had; it required many changes in the IT department. We needed new skills for support and discovered that managing a client server environment is much more complex than managing a mainframe." (Workflow Management Coalition (WIMC) and Future Strategies, Inc., 2003-09) When the system was first implemented, it drastically improved response time but because the customer was left holding for 30 seconds, the customers perceived a long wait time. PPP healthcare addressed this issue and upgraded their 486-based PCs with the "Pentium-based technology reported to have "…immediately improved the retrieval times -- the result is the customer perceives instant response times" now taking no longer than a mere nine seconds to retrieve "every item of information." (Workflow Management Coalition (WIMC) and Future Strategies, Inc., 2003-09) In addition, PPP Healthcare is reported to have further upgraded its system performance when it migrated is database to NT SQL Server. It is reported that the use of open architecture which involved integration of the desktop "across a sophisticated network environment, PPP healthcare can manage its cocktail of complex and varied documents within a single workflow solution. In doing so, PPP healthcare has unraveled the mystery of business process automation to benefit its customers, its staff and ultimately contribute to its future growth." (Workflow Management Coalition (WIMC) and Future Strategies, Inc., 2003-09)

Summary and Conclusion

It is clear that the workflow system utilized by PPP Healthcare is of the nature that increases efficiency, reduces costs associated with healthcare service delivery and as well that the system is of the nature that is flexible with its open architecture and that enables integration in reality-based communication and interaction processes through real-time desktop information accessible patient records.


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