Health Care System Essay

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Health Care System

There are many factors that have affected the development of the Health Care System in the U.S. These include a larger number of baby boomers needing services, a significant number of individuals who do not have health insurance, and a political system that is struggling with ways to accommodate those needing insurance without raising debt levels beyond where they already are. All three of those issues are major concerns for the country at the current time, and they do not show signs of going away anytime soon. The large number of baby boomers cannot be helped, but because there is such a significant number of Americans reaching Medicare age all at once the system is going to be burdened with their cost (Tulenko et al., 2009). Additionally, the system will also be burdened with the care itself, because more resources will be needed for these individuals as they get older and have more health problems for which they require treatment and medications (Bond & Bond, 1994). Overall, the baby boomers are among the top three most significant issues when it comes to the current U.S. health care system.

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Those who do not have health insurance are also a serious burden on the system. Health insurance costs so much that many people cannot afford it, yet they make too much to get government-funded insurance such as Medicaid (Simmons, 2009). Because of that they simply go uninsured until a small problem becomes a big one. Then they seek out treatment at the emergency room and end up struggling with the medical bills from that. At the same time the hospital loses out because it will likely not get paid from those people, since they had no money to begin with. Politically this is a serious issue, as well, but the current plan to force all Americans to purchase health care may not be the right one to help the country get out of debt and help millions of Americans live lives that are healthier.

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Over the next decade, these three issues will all continue to affect the health care system in the U.S. (Simmons, 2009; Tulenko et al., 2009). The baby boomers will continue to age and their demands on the health care system will become greater. The people who cannot afford insurance will continue to struggle in a flagging economy, and political pressures will keep those who are in power from addressing the issue in any kind of significant way. The way things are operating, there is simply no money to make necessary changes. While not mentioned previously, another force that will affect health care is the changes that are taking place on the planet itself - both natural and man-made. The overgrowth of the population is putting a burden on the health care system, and the ways in which modifications are being made to foods and crops are also causing some issues for individuals who are sensitive to the chemicals that are being placed into the food supply to preserve things and make them last longer.

It is speculated that cancer, heart disease, and other problems will all continue to rise because of the foreign substances people are ingesting (Simmons, 2009). The planet is running out of resources, so people must find ways to make new resources or they must use chemicals to substitute for… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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