Health Care Teams Term Paper

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Team communication is necessary for ensuring success (Reeves, Zwarenstein & Goldman, 2009).

The Role of Teams in Nursing Empowerment and Patient Empowerment

The role of teams in empowering nursing professionals and patients in a patients' centered care system is important. For positive results, patients and nursing professionals need empowering. Empowerment improves performance of professional and encourages patients to heal. Therefore, managers of nursing institutions must be aware of the role of empowering to promote work and retain workers. Nursing professionals empowering can be increasing job satisfaction, improving the working environment (Holmstrom & Roing, 2010). These forms of empowerment include workplace empowerment and work engagement. Work engagement relates to the attitude of a worker towards tasks and relates to personal mental status towards work. Patients, on the other hand, need to be empowered through therapies that encourage.

Workplace empowerment takes a variety of options. Some of these strategies of empowerment may be structural empowerment, professional development. Structural empowerment relates to improving the working conditions, compensation levels and working time or schedule (Holmstrom & Roing, 2010). Empowerment is important since it promotes work, encourage work, reduce errors and in retention of workers.

The Role of Teams in Professional Nursing Development

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In a nursing profession, teams are very crucial in promoting healthcare. Teams are groups of people with a variety of skills and level of knowledge. Each member works individually for the aim of the organization. In a nursing profession, every disciple is integral for care. The physician provides intervention while it is the task of the nurse or a therapist to carry out care to patients. Any changes in patient's condition need sharing among teams; in some situations a physician need to be present. Hospitalists are professions who are competent in their tasks and can liaison with either the nurse or the physician attending. Hospitalists are at all times at the hospital. When attending to patients, hospitalist physicians and nurses' actions save lives (Holmstrom & Roing, 2010).

TOPIC: Term Paper on Health Care Teams and Assignment

Every discipline in a healthcare system is important to patients' care, therefore; their teamwork is very crucial. Each team member plays a part in healthcare by communicating and performing specialized tasks. Team members' works together to encourage one another and perform functions together. Through this interaction, members get a chance to other's strength and weakness as well as theirs. Leadership is essential in effective direction of team action. The objective of a nursing team is to provide quality care to patients while utilizing abilities of every member (Kurtzman & Naylor, 2010).

A clear command of an organization provides a mechanism for vertical and horizontal communication. Head nursing officer must know, at all times, the conditions of patients to ensure patients get quality care. Team leaders have a chance to supervise, teach and offer administrative services (Kurtzman & Naylor, 2010). The team leaders encourage a clear communication and maintaining cooperative environments. Members of these teams report directly to team leaders; team leaders need to have strong clinical skill, delegation ability and good communication. The channels of communications are reports, written care plans, patients' conference and work conference.


Interdisciplinary teams deals with one occupation in healthcare while intra-disciplinary concerns a variety of fields. Successful teams possess communication skills crucial for passage of information between patients and health care professionals. Nursing empowerment and patient empowerment is important for improving performance by nurses in the delivery of health care. Teams are vital in nursing development because their diverse skills and knowledge improves health care provision.


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