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They had already done much to improve Alejandro's condition including move to a new home. It is perfectly reasonable to assume that the doctors at the clinic did not know how to treat Alejandro, and it made sense to revert to the traditional Puerto Rican remedies.

3. Which of the normative cultural values described in the Lecture might apply to Alejandro's case? Please explain.

Normative cultural values have a strong bearing on views towards health, wellness, and illness as well as the authority of doctors. The normative cultural values that are described in the lecture that apply to the Alejandro case include the following. First, the Flores family does not have anything against the American medical system. Their primary concern is the health of their child. Many American patients might view doctors as being authority figures, but for the Flores family, a doctor is just a person who is an expert in pharmaceutical company-driven medicine. An espiritista has no more clout than a doctor: an esperitista is simply someone who has spent a lifetime training in the healing arts. The Flores family does not make a normative judgment against the espiritista simply because she comes from a different worldview and way of thinking than the doctors at the clinic. The normative cultural values of the clinic are more closed-minded. The clinic doctors do not value the input of espiritistas, and cannot imagine that herbal remedies might be used as adjuncts or complementary medicine. The Flores family has an open mind towards all types of interventions.


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Term Paper on Health and Culture Alejandro Flores Assignment

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