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[. . .] What is your waist circumference measured below the ribs?

Less than 94cm

94-102 cm

More than 102cm

5. Do you engage in regular physical activity for at least 30 minutes every day?



6. How often do you consume fruits or vegetables?



7. Have you ever been diagnosed with high blood pressure?



8. Have you ever been found to have high blood glucose?



9. Have any of your immediate family members or relatives been diagnosed with diabetes?



Total Risk Score

You are at risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes within the next decade based on the following scale & #8230;

Lower than

Low (roughly 1 in 100 people)

Between 7 and

Slightly elevated (1 in 25 people)

Between 12 and

Moderate (1 in 6 people)

Between 15 and

High (1 in 3 people)

More than

Very high (1 in 2 people)

If you are at very high risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes, please conduct a doctor for further examination and probable treatment.

Health Education Tool:

As previously mentioned, one of the most important measures of containing the risk, spread, and impact of Type 2 Diabetes among middle age males is health screening. The need for screening is attributed to the fact that Type 2 Diabetes is the most prevalent form of this disease and is always asymptomatic during early stages and can be undiagnosed for several years. The increased likelihood for middle aged men to contact the disease as compared to their female counterparts contributes to the need for health screening in order to promote early detection and prompt treatment. Furthermore, screening is important because it helps in the development of community initiatives that are geared towards health prevention and promotion. Generally, the first step to lessen the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes and diagnosis and probable treatment is health screening. The following is a flyer that seeks to provide information and awareness to middle aged adults on the significance of diabetes screening.

Health Care Teaching Plan:

After the identification of this health problem in middle age male population and developing promotion materials that can be used for a health fair about the disease, it is important to develop a health care teaching plan. The teaching plan should incorporate nursing diagnosis, defining characteristics, related factors, expected outcomes, and interventions. The health care teaching plan is a vital element of health education, which is crucial in promoting individual and community health (Edelman & Mandle, 2010, p.215). In this case, the health care teaching plan helps promote positive behavior change as well as policies and programs that deal with social determinants of health in relation to Type 2 Diabetes among middle aged males. Based on the Healthy People 2020 national health objectives, the major priorities of enhancing the health of individuals, groups, and communities including promoting positive health behaviors, enhancing health literacy, and lessening health disparities. These priorities are crucial in preventing Diabetes in middle age male population, which is partly contributed by lifestyle factors. The care plan for this health problem in this population is as follows & #8230;


In conclusion, Type 2 Diabetes is a major health problem among middle age male population to an extent that it has contributed to increased rate of suicide in this population. Middle age med are twice as likely to develop the disease because of aging and lifestyle behaviors that enhance risk factors such as smoking, reduced physical activity, and alcoholism. In addition to this, the other major risk factors that contribute to the development of the disease include hereditary factors. The prevalence of the disease among middle age men can also be attributed to lack of positive health behaviors and screening. Therefore, one of the major ways of dealing with the disease is to develop a health care plan that focuses on health promotion and encouraging screening.


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Effective health maintenance through adequate knowledge about the disease is difficult to achieve because of challenges in integrating screening programs for health promotion and lessening risk factors. Actually, many middle age men are not screened for the condition because they do not have any symptoms or have mild symptoms that are unnoticeable.

Defining Characteristics


The increase in suicide rates related to diabetes in this population shows the need for effective health maintenance through health education and intervention programs.

Effective health maintenance is needed because of inadequate knowledge of the disease and importance of screening.


There is need to reduce risk factors of Type I Diabetes in middle age male population and lessen health care costs.

Middle age men need information regarding risk factors that cause the disease during this lifespan development stage.

Creating awareness of the significance of screening for diabetes helps in health promotion.

Related Factors

Inadequate knowledge about the importance of screening and health promotion.

Encouraging screening of middle age men as part of effective health maintenance.

Creating awareness on the spread and severity of the disease.


Develop community screening centers.

Promote attitudes of openness towards screening.

Develop a comprehensive health promotion campaign that provides information about the disease, its impact, spread, severity, risk factors, and how to reduce risk factors.

Explore positive lifestyle behavioral strategies with more focus on enhanced physical activity.

Begin the program slowly.

Conduct follow-up on extra risk factors.

Provide resources to support goals and intervention.

Expected Outcomes

Reluctance to undergo screening.

Improved awareness of the risk factors of Type I Diabetes and reasons for its prevalence in this population.

Increased engagement in positive health promotion behaviors in order to reduce risk factors.

Decreased rate of development of the disease and suicide rate because of more knowledge.

Health Maintenance, Emphasizing Screenings of Diabetes in Middle Age Male Population

Diabetes has emerged as a major health issue among middle age men mainly because of lifestyle factors that contribute to enhanced risks of developing the disease. Since the disease contributes to increased suicide rate in this population, new ways for promoting positive health behaviors and encouraging Diabetes Screening should be developed.

NURSING DIAGNOSIS: Effective Health Maintenance through Efficient Knowledge Regarding Diabetes


Middle age men are at high risks of developing Type 2 Diabetes because of the positive association between certain lifestyle behaviors and this disease. Some of these lifestyle factors that enhance the risk of the disease include smoking, alcoholism, and reduced physical activity. This lifestyle basically emerges as these individuals continue to age and lose some measure of strength and flexibility.

Healthy Living

Type 2 Diabetes Screening

Know Your Status ~ Stay Healthy ~ Enjoy the Benefits!!!

Are you a middle aged man worried about your blood sugar level, weight, and probable risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes?

Do you know the likelihood of developing this disease within the next two years?

Have your immediate family members been diagnosed with the disease?

Then, Healthy Living Type 2 Diabetes Screening is just for you & #8230;

Why is this Screening Important?

Recent studies have indicated that middle aged men are twice as likely to develop Type 2 Diabetes as compared to their female counterparts. Health Living Type 2 Diabetes Screenings helps you to understand… [END OF PREVIEW]

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