Health Healing Hospital: A Daring Essay

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... Each person carries the community intention to healing for all members of the community.

This means that the hospital becomes directly involved not only in immediate aspects of illness and accident but also in the wider health concerns of the community. As hospital CEO Gavin Hino emphasizes, a community that is healthy and that is integrated with a well run hospital is less in need of expensive healthcare ( Mendocino Coast District Hospital Becomes One of Nation's First 'Healing Hospitals).


There is little doubt that a caring and healing hospital that is integrated with the community can result in greater patient satisfaction and an increase in the healing potential of the healthcare system. This kind of hospital is seen by some to be a model for all future hospitals. The rationale behind this view is that for healthcare to be effective and cost-effective it must be more inclusive and community driven. The assumption is that this kind of hospital will have far-reaching implications for the future of the communities and the society in which it exists.



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TOPIC: Essay on Health Healing Hospital: A Daring Assignment

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