Health Information Technology the Development Essay

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al., 2010). Today physicians and services providers can create and manage cross-functional teams that allow for rapid patient prognosis and the development of treatment plans that are based on the collective intelligence of the entire team (Cliff, 2012). This practice of using Wi-Fi enabled networks within healthcare providers shows significant potential for alleviating the bottlenecks that a lack of terminology definition and clarity also has caused in the past.

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By aligning standardized terminologies to patient treatment-driven taxonomies first, the level of understanding of specific terms and their relative context can also be more efficiently managed as well. The contextual intelligence of standardized terminologies becomes more accurate, clearer and easier to learn when put into the context of a patient outcome-driven scenario. When taxonomies are created that specifically address these aspects of managing patient workflows and treatment programs terminology can also be significantly abbreviated over time, as well, as there is greater simplicity in patent-based process workflows over complex administrative ones (Schmitt, 2002). The point of standardized terminologies being more oriented towards a common foundation of patient-driven outcomes is also accelerating them towards the more outcome-based areas of the data, information and knowledge continuum as well (Cliff, 2012). This has significantly helped to create a more effective base of knowledge to evaluate new potential treatment programs on, and has in turned fueled a significant knowledgebase that has been used for over a decade to further streamline terminologies to be more aligned to patient outcomes for greater contextual clarity and focus (Schmitt, 2002).


TOPIC: Essay on Health Information Technology the Development Assignment

The lexicon of patient treatment is predicated on how effective terminologies as a group progress over time to be as patient-centered as possible. Often what occurs however is a shift to a more myopic mindset, where the terminology and the preservation of the status quo take precedence over the patient treatment programs necessary to attain higher levels of quality patient care (Cliff, 2012). The intent of this analysis is to show how the continual evolution of the taxonomies and structural context of medical treatment programs and initiatives are shifting to be more patient-driven than ever, creating a corresponding shift in how knowledge is applied to treatment programs and turned into long-term value (Cliff, 2012). The lack of initiative and intention in many healthcare centers is predicated on the need for a stable, status quo approach to managing change. This retards and slows the evolution of contextual taxonomies significantly, leading to dysfunctional organizations incapable of scaling quickly with change. What is needed is a commitment from an organization to rely on continual contextual change and improvement, creating a culture of continual patient-based taxonomy and learning development (Cliff, 2012).


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