Health INS Healthcare Econ Essay

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Requirements regarding how long children can remain on their parents' policies, new mandates regarding pre-existing conditions, and a host of other changes that might be viewed favorably by consumers and might create a more comprehensive system nonetheless require extra administrative efforts and thus a higher proportion of healthcare dollars would be going to insurance administration. Any additional profits seen during this period would be the result of over-estimation of cost increases and would likely be seen to diminish after the transitional period.


Slide 6 shows that the rate at which healthcare premiums grew was directly in line with the rate at which benefits grew, meaning every cent of every additional dollar health insurance companies collected during this period went straight to doctors, hospitals, prescription drugs, and other healthcare related expenses, and not to administrative costs or profits for health insurance companies. Given the growth in healthcare expenses overall during this period with no additional expense on the part of health insurance companies themselves, the proportion of each healthcare dollar that goes towards health insurance costs and profits is necessarily diminishing.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Health INS Healthcare Econ During Assignment

An opposing view might be offered to this contention, namely that highly profitable health insurance companies were not willing to cut into their profits at all to provide greater service, and thus increased premiums in line with their expenses in order to maintain or at times even increase profits even with reductions in administrative costs. This graphic alone is not enough to establish a cause-and-effect pattern, and thus it is disingenuous for anyone from the health insurance companies to use this as evidence that health insurance companies had to raise premiums as a means of providing…
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