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[. . .] Also, they are more likely to acquire health problems.

Obesity leads to some psychological problems due to the physical appearance it brings. According to studies, obese individuals demonstrate low self-esteem leading to incapacity of interacting socially with others. Sometimes, they are the subject of teases, prejudices and social discriminations. Obese children are seen to perform less in education and are usually unable to complete school. Sometimes, they are also unable to go to college due to discrimination they experience during entrance application.

Another consequence of obesity is visible in job employment. Some studies show that obese applicants are regarded to have poor work habits. Often, illnesses caused by obesity such as diabetes become a negative factor for them, resulting a negative feedback from employer due to health issues.

The Health Services

Obesity and the health problems it causes are currently the biggest crisis faced by the health services in Britain. Top-notching the health problems is diabetes in which the prominent causing factor is obesity. To bridge the solutions and problems to global health, diverse programs and conferences are being held by health organizations worldwide particularly from nations across Europe.

A few months ago, a conference was held by the top scientists in Europe to discuss problems causing obesity and come up with vital research programs and key solutions that will end its increasing rate. The conference was headed by Aberdeen's Rowett Institute and was supported by the European Union.

The rapid population growth of obese individuals in Britain has alarmed the health services and parents alike. Surveys and medical researches on obesity population rate in both adults and children have been conducted at the National Audit Office and Medical Research Council. The National Audit Office advertises warnings on the disturbing increase of obesity in Britain. They address information to health organizations, government, food industries, and all the people in Britain. From Disability UK, public health minister Yvette Cooper states

There are clear links between obesity and our biggest killers, heart disease and cancer. The NHS Plan, the national cancer plan, and the national service framework for coronary heart disease include action to address obesity, diet and nutrition, and physical activity. Work on guidance on prevention and management of obesity at a local level is already under way."

Medical nutrition specialists demonstrate their concerns by advertising and providing information on the causes and effects of obesity. From Obesity and Overweight in Britain, Dr. Andrew Hill, chairman of the Association for the Study of Obesity, stresses a need for encouragement to lose weight, especially those whose lifestyles are in a "fast pace" environment and society.

The Media on Obesity

Advertisement is a form of media that is believed to partly contribute to the growth of obesity.

The bad eating habits of children are said to be the effect of advertisements promoting foods that lack healthy ingredients. However, from the studies conducted by the British Social Affair Units, advertisements do not easily influence children (Simmonds, Malcolm). Also, a survey of 5000 parents presented a result that advertisement is not included in the top 5 elements that influence children causing obesity (Simmond, Malcolm).

Recently, obesity has been the subject of most articles on health issues in Britain. The rise of obesity in Britain where the rapid increase of obesity rate almost equals that of the U.S. has alarmed not just the government and health services but the media as well. To some, the articles on obesity over-expose the subject, while to others it's just merely a factor of raising awareness to the public.

The role currently served by the media in the issue of obesity is to provide information to the public. Though there have been quite a number of articles on obesity publicly released and published, the contents of which are all supported by interviews, studies, and researches from concerned groups and sectors such as the government, health organizations, and medical professionals.

The media contributes to the government and health services in addressing the nation the goal of preventing obesity. Through the articles on obesity, information is disseminated to the public while the importance of health awareness is conveyed.


Obesity is a global health problem faced by many nations worldwide. The most widely affected nations of obesity are the U.S. And European nations, with Britain being the highest populated of obese individuals in Europe. Caused by obesity, related illnesses such as diabetes, heart diseases, and cancer are threatening public health.

Despite of the prevailing increase in the rate of obese individuals, Britain's government and health organizations continually support the search for solutions against obesity. This is through the health programs, studies, and researches conducted by medical specialists from nations worldwide. The upward trend of obesity population brings challenge to medical sectors such as the Department of Health, the National Health Service, and diverse associations of medical professionals.

The government has also placed importance in promoting proper health care in schools through diet management and physical activities that can reduce and burn calories in the body. Encouraging adults who live in "fast pace" environments to have healthy lifestyles is also promoted by the government and health organizations. With the combination of such guidance to proper practice of caring for one's health, and the cooperation of every individual to follow a healthy living, the problem of obesity and obesity-related illnesses can be minimized. Sooner, reaching a disease-free and healthy nation will not be impossible to achieve.

Bringing and providing enough health information to a nation is essential. Health awareness is an important factor that enables an individual know how to care for his body properly. Such is a step in the development of a good lifestyle and habit.


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