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[. . .] Tell people the negative effects of over eating.

Brief about the diseases that are more prevalent in fat people nursing actions to improve Obesity

Nurses can play a vital role I guiding their patients who to reduce weight and to control their BMI. The nurses are trained and they have close interaction with patients and societies hence they can adopt several techniques to guide people how to have healthy life. The Minnesota Nursing Wheel helps to guide nursing activities for a program.

The nurses can teach the patients and the attendants to have power and control over themselves. An individual can be taught to have power and control by using reminders. The patient can be given threats about the unhealthy lifestyle and its consequences. The patient should be told how people of his gender can be negatively affected by being obese. This is the first circle of the wheel (Minnesota Center against Violence and Abuse, n.d.). After completing it, the nurse uses second circle in the wheel. She tells the patient that his physical, emotional, sexual and social life is at risk. After doing so, she should guide the patient how he can be a better worker when he has a good BMI. The effects of reducing weight should be made clear by telling the patient the importance of normal weight in doing job, having a prosperous life and adhering to his values. Thus using the components of Minnesota nursing wheel, the nurse can teach the patient and motivate him to adopt healthy lifestyle.

Primary and secondary prevention activities

Dealing with obesity is an individual as well as social job. What the person can do is to eat healthy and reasonably, invest reasonable time in exercise and walking, and to remain active. On the other hand there is also a role to be played by state and society. The administration can encourage health programs in public as well as in media. The taxation on the business of fitness programs and institutes should be removed and people should be encourages to go in gyms and remain fit. Junk food should be taxed more and the society should be awarded to shift to less fried and less fatty food.

Potential public and private partnerships

There is no lack of public and private programs aimed at dealing with obesity. However some more partnerships will help effectively deal with the issue. The health communities should make arrangements with the school, college and church administrations to allow them to visit these institutes every six months and to give awareness lectures to students and citizens. Besides lectures and demos, the participants should be encouraged to join the fitness programs offered by these institutes or communities. The schools and local community centers can take help from health centers to open gyms and fitness centers and to construct walking tracks inside and near schools and commercial areas so that people find it easy to take exercise during break slots. Hence lectures and practical steps will help deal effectively with obesity and to reduce the rates over years.

Objective for implementing these activities

As stated earlier, the objective of partnering with private sector in health management here is to reduce the rate of obesity in Lansdowne particularly and to make it less than 24%. Currently it is 28%.


The obesity is a ticking bomb and the problem is that the bomb is getting bigger in size. The implementation of program suggested that activities should be directed to reduce population weight. The programs are hoped to be effective and reduce the population obesity rate in Lansdowne from 28% to 23% in next five years i.e. year 2018 and to reduce it up to 18% by 2020. The speed and pace of weight reduction is expected to increase with time. This is so because initially it takes longer to set up programs but once the programs are set and the public and private partnership starts working together, it will be easier to reduce population weight further. Hence, the results will be quite evident by year 2020 where the people of Lansdowne are projected to be much smarter than today.

Time line for reduction in rate of obesity


It is evaluated that in the land of world's most obese people; America, the people of Lansdowne are obese than the average American. The people are required to realize that it is very important to reduce weight. The state, city and local bodies are playing a role but they should be more active in efforts to bring the rate of obesity down. Once the obesity reduction programs are active and the population is motivated to reduce their weight and to maintain their mass according to BMI, it is necessary to evaluate the performance and productivity of their activities. This will help increase the pace and/or change the number of resources and/or introduce new programs. The programs evaluation can be done by conducting survey on the population generally and particularly on those citizens that were obese at the time of start of the weight reduction programs. The surveys and questioners will help find what methods of weight reduction were more effective than the others and what methods were least effective. Also the evaluation can be made by finding which gender, race, ethnicity and age group is most and least benefited from these programs and interventions.

The improvements in fitness programs can be brought by hiring experts from the countries with slim and healthy population. These experts will help find how to maintain a healthy body weight. For example, like many European countries do, marathon race in the city during break hours at work is a very healthy activity. It guarantees health of whole population not just few people. Hence adopting this marathon culture can be one such recommended intervention for the people of Lansdowne.


I used to believe since long that fat people are healthy people and that the obese people can only enjoy eating. However reality is different. The obese people are neither completely healthy nor they can simple sit and eat rather their daily routine jobs are more of a burden for then than for a normal person. Because a normal weight person is more active and gets tired late. I found that people of America are in serious need of weight control awareness and intervention programs. The people of America are most obese globally. The healthy eating, activity and lifestyle patterns will help maintain a healthy and most productive weight. The people will also be safe from many diseases and health disorders. The people and administration of Lansdowne should recognize that they are ahead of majority Americans in weight race. They should admit that it is in their hand and not only hormones to control weight. This can be done by taking weight reduction programs seriously and working out. The citizens can set an example for other Americans too to reduce weight and have a healthy lifestyle. The role of medical staff particularly nurses is vital in the success of weight reduction programs.


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Appendix I

Lansdowne, Pennsylvania (Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, n.a.)

Males: 4,914


Females: 5,712


Median resident age:

39.7 years

Pennsylvania median age:

43.3 years

Estimated median household income in 2009: $60,732





Estimated per capita income in 2009:… [END OF PREVIEW]

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