Health and Nutrition -- Diet Plan Proposal Essay

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Health and Nutrition -- Diet Plan Proposal

The objective of this project is to outline a dietary plan that will enable the subject to reduce excess body weight, lower body fat percentage, and maintain that diet for the long-term. In principle, that requires establishing fundamental principles of healthful nutrition that are effective from the weight-loss perspective but not so drastic or difficult to maintain that the diet will only be capable of being sustained for the short-term, resulting in the typical yo-yo weight loss and gain cycle that is characteristic of fad diets such as the Atkins Plan or South Beach Diet. Ideally, this diet plan will provide more of a lifelong approach to nutrition and ideal weight maintenance than a "diet" in the sense that it is intended only as a temporary solution to solve an acute problem of necessary weight reduction.


This nutritional plan will be based on the several fundamental principles. First, there is no point to any diet that is incapable of being sustained over a lifetime because losing weight and regaining it repeatedly is actually worse than remaining overweight for a longer period of time before finally losing the excess body weight. That is mainly because whenever a person loses a large amount of weight, a substantial portion of that weight is not fat but also muscle and other tissues. However, whenever one regains excess weight, especially in a short amount of time, virtually all of that weight is fat. As a result, a person who repeatedly loses weight and then regains it again actually increases his or her body fat percentage during every phases of that cycle.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Essay on Health and Nutrition -- Diet Plan Proposal Assignment

Second, a diet that requires severe calorie restriction or the complete (or nearly complete) elimination of entire classes of foods (such as carbohydrates) cannot possibly be sustained over a lifetime. Third, a serious effort to reduce excess body weight and to maintain a healthy body weight cannot be implemented on a periodic… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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