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However successful integration of services is essential. Both the health service provider and health sales force through operations must come to terms in order to develop technical solutions to payment processing for example.

Value Proposition

It is important to communicate a value to the health service stakeholders. Whether they be professional practitioners being recruited to join the team, investors, customers using the services, or employers considering your services for their employees. The value proposition lays out the reasons why stakeholders should consider the health service provider's offer. Understanding value is most important in improving the marketing and sales success says Nugent of the Medical Marketing Service (2007). It is important to understand what the needs and even preferences of the stakeholders in order to show the benefits or worth of accepting the offer. In order to successfully communicate value it will be necessary for both the sales operations and marketing team to work together reports Nugent (2007). By analyzing the various market segments that come into play, it will become clear how to develop a value proposition tailored to each market segment or stakeholder in the case of health services. For example, the mandatory regulations and required insurance requirements should be integrated with the interests of the health provider.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Health Service Marketing for the Assignment

Health professional such as Nurses and other practitioners that have direct contact with consumers need to recognize the importance of their efficiency, service manner and quality of care. According to Nursing Empowerment Firms that understand the mission, vision, and goals set by their employers, they have nearly 30% more success in return on investment than other organizations, Diamond, Wyatt (2011). It is important to recognize the social game through face-to-face service as well as in social media, perception is reality. Regardless of contact with close family, the patient, or friends in the health service vicinity, all must feel comfortable with the level of service given. The number of consumers that respond to an online feedback forum can seriously add support or detract from a health service firm's success. Swaying the view of the health service firm in the eyes of an entire segment of the population in a metropolitan area according to Stoker (1994).

Some improvements have to take place in educating health service workers about necessary quality practices. Relating to consumer well-being and bedside manner, physician access and marketing PR in promoting health services in the community says Stoker (1994).


We have touched on a few technological aids that can help transition health services. The health service firm has to decide on goals related to use of technology and media communications in order to market success while advancing "learning and improvements, as well as measuring any positive stakeholder feedback" states Porter in the New England Journal of Medicine (2010).

Wellness initiatives on America's leading health issues are soundly documented. Preventative services are on the rise. There are more diet and exercise centers opening each year than ever in the history of health care remarks Porter (2010). People are becoming more health conscious through the social media, blogs, email advertisements, and twitter communications. Traditional media has also gotten on the band wagon and now offer healthy cooking, exercise television programming, weight loss challenges of every sort (i. e. The Biggest Loser). All to inform and educate the public that the best way to stay healthy is to live a healthier lifestyle.

Hospital marketing teams require innovative ways to communicate with consumers. As mentioned there are a number of easy access media some mentioned are blogs, pod casts, website with interactive capabilities, and even online audio and video communications. These all will assist marketing campaigns in becoming the most effective while capturing consumer feedback and contact information for followup to retain prospects.

One of the newest resources for health service marketers today is the web cast. This allows a number of people to get together online without having to leave their home, or office to discuss a topic with an health expert. Here they can get the needed information or ask questions relating to a health service. One health organization that has taken advantage of several new online media solutions is the Mayo Clinic who now incorporates blogs, audio and video streaming of health services, website access to medical libraries and remedies for illnesses or symptoms along with a host of other interactive services (See table 1). All designed with the goal of helping as wide and audience as possible get access to health services suggests Diamond (2011).

Mayo Clinic Media Marketing Strategy (

Syndicated programs

Daily pod cast

Using media to leverage other initiatives

Tools available relating to media

Lessons that were learned

Next action plans

Such as how to respond negative posts on blogs, or messages.

Future Media Trend


Continuous improvement in strategic marketing initiatives will ensure that competition proceed that will help to reduce costs for health services while increasing quality with better efficiency in methods and processes suggests Porter (2010). As the various factors of the marketing PEST analysis has shown innovation is needed to keep up with the volatile changes in the political and economic market. Yet through getting involved with some of the social and technological opportunities the level of health service can continue to rise along with the level of quality. Better approaches will be discovered that can further developed for maximum ROI. Those approaches that were not successful can be removed or restructured (. Cost benefit to consumers and employers alike will determine value as it adjusts the market grows. This is how most industries secure their future from wireless communications to banking. Health care may follow a similar path to invest in a maximum return on marketing investments (Michael Porter, Harvard)

The best recommendation is for health service providers to continue working on better services and lowering their costs. In addition they must continue to communicate with the communities they serve and focus on providing a benefit such as preventative health initiatives. It is important from a marketing standpoint for health service providers to focus on a marketing team poised to research and evaluate all avenues of their marketing strategy internally and externally considering a SWOT analysis that will help to highlight strengths and weaknesses within the organizational structure and culture. While the external view of opportunities and threats will allow the provider to recognize areas they can move forward or devise strategies to minimize the impact of threats. This team would serve the provider best if made of not only the company managers but administrators and health professionals employed at the health service center. With a well rounded team, there will be a voice from the multiple stakeholders poised to move the health service provider to the next phase of its future development. It is important for the health service provider to become proactive in making decisions that will position it to compete with others in the industry. Identifying what differentiates them from the competition and understanding their mission as well as a sound marketing mix that will propel them ahead. As investors see the resourcefulness of the provider along with employees, they will consider them over others who still hang on to traditional marketing techniques.

Health service marketing is not to be ignored in the business plan but plays an important role in the success of the provider. The future of health services is customer centered, value driven, and must include quality and a reasonable price. These factors communicate how the health service will be viewed by the industry as well as its audience.


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Porter, ME. PhD, 2010. What is the Value in Health Care? New England… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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