Health Threats in Turkey Term Paper

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Health Threats in Turkey

One of the most substantial health threats in Turkey is infant and maternal mortality. The problem unlike many diseases is universal as it can potentially affect any family, not just families in a certain area or with a certain health risks. Turkey has an infant mortality rate of 42 per 1,000 live births ranking 30th worst in the world.

Kaul and Tomaselli-Moschovitis 42) Additionally, 180 per 100,000 women in Turkey die during pregnancy, childbirth or directly following delivery.

Kaul and Tomaselli-Moschovitis 292) the ministry of health and other expert organizations make clear that the concerns associated with infant and maternal mortality are universal, as women in many socioeconomic and regional groups are fundamentally unaware of the necessity for prenatal care, trained delivery as well as post natal follow-up and many areas of Turkey are recognized as having limited access to basic health care. ("Let My Baby Live..." NP) national media campaign was launched in 2006 entitled "Let My Baby Live" and "is a joint project by the Ministry of Health and the European Union." The goal of the campaign was to utilize many recognized and popular public figures to blitz the public with information on the need to provide such basic health care for women, to ensure that possible concerns can be detected and resolved, before they end in mortality of infant or mother. In November 2007, the program held a press conference to announce the successful goal met, being that they had reached 66% of the population of Turkey with their message.

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The campaign was carried out in 16 provinces that have limited access to health care services and face regional disparities in terms of health services. Interviews and meetings were held with the households and mothers, adolescent girls, young mothers in the 15-49 aged group as well as their relatives and husbands were informed about the importance of the medical check-ups before, during and after pregnancy. Media institutions also broadcast informative advertisements and programs during the most popular women-related TV productions. ("Let My Baby Live..." NP)

Term Paper on Health Threats in Turkey Assignment

According to the experts behind the campaign maternal and infant mortality are two of the largest social problems in the nation and the simple fact that many people are intrinsically unaware of the need for pregnancy related care. The value of informing women and their partners of such need is indispensable and especially in the regions that are clearly challenged for medical care.

This media blitz on this particular subject also coincides with a movement in Turkey to develop an e-health system that will allow communications between doctors at different locations as well as secure access for patients regarding health information. This project has been sponsored by the Turkish Ministry of Health to develop a system that allows coordination between medical care providers in different agencies and hospital as well as to help empower patients to take control of their own health as they are offered greater access to information about it. (E-Health Project in Turkey NP) This program could also demonstrate a vital link in the improvement of infant and maternal mortality, as it offers yet another avenue for information dissemination and sharing, especially between hospitals, labs and primary care physicians who could potentially be in varied geographic location, from each other and from the patient. (E-Health Project in Turkey NP) This trend toward modernization in the health care arena is a new one in Turkey as previously Turkey has been reluctant to alter traditional medical care practices and modernize medical care, improving access.

Brennan 210)

Traditional pregnancy care has been provided to women at a local level from trained or lay midwives (there is currently a significant shortage of trained, licensed midwives in Turkey

Weiker 259)) as well as some limited clinic care and hospitals, where they are available, Yet the standard practice has been to seek care only when the patient is aware of a problem and usually during labor, a practice which can often leave women and children at risk for being simply to late to resolve the problem and overcome it. "Approximately 387 maternal deaths occur every year in Turkey and 62% of them are preventable, according to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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