Health and Wellness Definitions Term Paper

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Health Beliefs and Professional Life

Culture influences an individual's health beliefs, behaviors, activities and medical treatment conclusion. Because of the important influence of culture upon health and related outcomes, health care professionals should be culturally competent in order to provide best possible health care to patients.

Cultural competency in the context of health care provision consists of:

Awareness and acceptance of cultural divergence

Awareness of one's own cultural values

Recognition that people of different cultures have different ways of communicating, behaving, deducing, and problem-solving

Recognition that cultural beliefs influence patient's health beliefs, help-seeking activities, interactions with health care professionals, health care practices, and health care outcomes, including adherence to prescribed regimens.

An ability and willingness to acclimatize the way one works to fit the patient's cultural or ethnic background in order to provide optimal care for the patient.

Disease refers to the malfunctioning of the physiological and/or psychological processes in an individual. Illness refers to the psychosocial experience and meaning of the perceived disease for the individual.

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The majority of physicians' training focuses on diagnosing and treating diseases, the physiological pathologies that affect individuals. However, patients arrive at the physician's office because of their experience and interpretation of ill-feeling bodily symptoms, or illness. Individuals evaluate their health care outcomes based on their illness experience, and thus it is imperative for health care providers to distinguish that patients' experience with illness may vary from their professional interpretation of the disease.


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TOPIC: Term Paper on Health and Wellness Definitions of Assignment

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