Healthcare in 20 Years Research Paper

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¶ … concrete examples, some of the major participants and components of the present health care services sector. It's suggested that you consider all possible areas, which form this huge portion of our GDP!

In terms of components, the Washington State Healthcare Authority website lists a number of different services that are in within the healthcare services scope. These include ambulance services (ground- or air-based), ambulatory surgery, applied behavior analysis, blood/blood administration, behavioral health services (which is itself very multilayered), chiropractic, dental/dentures, detoxification, diabetes education, dialysis, family planning services, rehabilitative services, hearing aids/hearing evaluations, orthodontics, oxygen respiratory services, smoking cessation, vaccinations, vision correction/maintenance, prescription drugs and the list goes on (Washington, 2015).

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In terms of the share of the economy that is healthcare-based, the number is indeed staggering. As noted in Forbes, there was the metric in 2009 that federal, state and local governments accounted for about sixty percent of all healthcare spending. The Affordable Care Act is projected to drive that number up to roughly two thirds, that being about sixty-six percent. Conversely, that would mean that the private sector's share of healthcare services and other related spending will only be about a third of all healthcare spending in the United States. At a federal level, the share of spending is only roughly about a third but involving the state and local figures drives up the total figure a lot. The percentage of healthcare spending to GDP is not much less than a fifth of overall GDP (Conover, 2012).

Question Two

During this time, we can debate the ACA reform law and the many alternatives being advocated. Please begin by focusing on one or two significant features of the "Obamacare" reform law and highlighting both their major purported benefits and assertions made by detractors.

Research Paper on Healthcare in 20 Years Assignment

One major component of the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare) is that there is now a specific ban on precluding people from insurance on the basis of pre-existing conditions. There are a lot of people that say that this is a long-time coming while others suggest that it is less than wise as an idea. A major reason that it is hailed and approved of is because there are many people that are unable to get insurance at affordable rates due to chronic and pre-existing health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, COPD and so forth. Under the Affordable Care Act, those people are now able to become and stay covered for fairly reasonable rates.

However, there is a major downside to that provision being enacted. Indeed, some (certainly not most or all) of the people that were not insured were the young and/or those that simply did not want to spend the money on insurance…for whatever reason. Those people that choose not to do that are not paying into the system. Indeed, everyone who is insured pays into a pool of money and that money is used to pay claims. The bigger the pool of money, the less premiums tend to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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