Healthcare in 21st Century Essay

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Healthcare in the 21st Century:" Analyzing The Triple Aim Initiative

The United States has one of the most flawed healthcare systems in the industrialized world. Thousands of Americans do not have any healthcare coverage, and costs associated with haphazard care are sky rocketing. Recently, there have been a number of reform efforts to help improve the situation for everyday Americans. The Triple Aim Initiative is an attempt at accomplishing three major objectives: improving health here in the United States, enhancing the quality of available healthcare, and reducing overall costs associated with healthcare.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Healthcare in 21st Century Assignment

Yet, there are a number of issues involved in the Triple Aim initiatives to be successful. There needs to be a massive overhaul in the current state of healthcare in this country in order to facilitate the efforts of the Triple Aim Initiative. Here, the article suggests that "for the Triple Aim Initiative to be utilized, it needs a population or group that can be tracked over time, policy constraints that shape the balance of how much to spend on healthcare and whom that coverage will include, and in integrator or someone to accept responsibility for its three goals" (O'Toole, 2009, p 47). The successes or failures of the reform must be able to be observed as a way to help guide future healthcare reform. Additionally, healthcare practitioners must look for methods of reducing costs, without sacrificing the quality of care they provide to their patients. One method for increasing the quality of care is helping physicians have easier access to medical records on a shorter notice. As such, the article discusses how EMRs are more effective in providing physicians the necessary tools, especially when compared to failing HMO organizations. One success story of an adoption of much more sophisticated EMR capabilities is the Kaiser organization. Since just a few years ago, Kaiser has improved its services dramatically, increasing the quality of care while reducing costs, partly thanks to sophisticated EMR strategies that have taken over outdated and slow record keeping systems that only bog down healthcare strategies and end up burdening consumers. Kaiser has managed to fine tune its internal communications and record keeping systems to provide stellar care of all types under one single roof.

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