Healthcare Coordinator Interview Research Paper

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This effort is not new. Many up-gradations are made in the past as well and the success of up-gradation is dependent upon how clear the decision makers are in their vision and goals likely to achieve from the new system.

There is always a possibility to learn lessons from the old systems and efforts which posed certain challenges while being implemented. An example is about VHA. It is better to involve the old team in the new process so that their experience can add value to the new system and they can play an active role in preventing the loopholes that were experienced in the previous systems which were elevated to adopt technological innovations. Keeping in view the efforts and technological advancements, it is assumed that the present time is the best one for paving way of change and the change can be favorable as well.


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Joseph, A.M. (2006). Care coordination and telehealth technology in promoting self-management among chronically ill patients. Telemedicine Journal and e-Health, 12(2), 156 -- 159.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Research Paper on Healthcare Coordinator Interview an Overview Assignment

Tuerk, P., Fortney, J., Bosworth, H., Wakefield, B., Ruggiero, K., Acierno, R., et al. (2010). Toward the Development of National Telehealth Services:…
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