Healthcare Debate the United States Case Study

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Furthermore, many other groups agree with them, especially in the medical and social fields. One such groups is the American College of Physicians, which not only reiterates the above-mentioned points, but also recommends further innovations, such as better payment policies and an expansion of physician in-home care.[footnoteRef:2] [2: ACP Issues Recommendations for Healthcare Reform (n.a.). (2009). MedScape News. Retrieved October 23, from .]

President Obama has tried to pass new health care legislation that fits with the recommendations, and especially ensure proper healthcare for all Americans, an effort which many have undertaken, as expressed above, but in which few have succeeded. President Obama has not stressed the first and second recommendations as much as the third, on which he has placed considerable effort and toward which point he has passed legislation. Essentially, this legislation ensures that one cannot be denied insurance based on pre-existing conditions, and ensures as well that if an affordable option is not available, then the state must provide an option which is considered affordable to all, both ideas which are not novel, but are essential ideas that have been carried out and that will have an positive impact upon our healthcare as a nation and on its reform.[footnoteRef:3] [3: Points taken from: Health Reform in Action (n.a.). (2011). White House. Retrieved October 23, from .]Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Case Study on Healthcare Debate the United States Assignment

Healthcare reform is a pressing need for the United States, both in the fact that many have been unemployed for months, and many need this in order to fare for their well-being. The President's efforts are applauded by many, but much needs to be done in order to ensure that the recommendations above are carried out. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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