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[. . .] Each person is likely to react in anger and may request for legal help immediately; consequently, the hospital would have to follow through by showing respect to the individual who had harm caused to him or her. Anyone can become unpredictable, especially since we are all unique in our responses. With this approach, legally, she could take the doctor and facility to court, regardless because of patient's rights. Ethically, the hospital did the right thing, despite the fellow not; therefore, the choice is up to the person on how to best handle the situation in which damage was done. This would have impacted all the medical staff by means of having better policies and procedures in place by double and triple checking the operative site before surgery. Anyone who fails to adhere to these guidelines would face disciplinary actions with the possibility of termination upon it happening multiple times. All of this would apply to physicians' as well because they can lose their medical license for any little mistake and it would affect everyone who works with him or her. Nurse leaders can help prevent this kind of error described with the 62-year-old woman from happening in the first place. They can ask him or her where the operation is going to take place at least two or three times to confirm it, and mark it right then and there. The next step is to remind the doctor that they will operate on that specific location on the human body. When the patient is in the operating room, he or she can remind the doctor again before making the incision. A person in this position can do continuing education classes for clinical staff on a yearly basis in order to make sure that they do their job with the high quality on a regular basis. If for some reason, they do not adhere to the guidelines learned, then disciplinary action would occur because all would know that new procedures are in place and there is no room for error.

After such an error does occur, a nurse can assist the provider in a number of ways. He or she can contact a lawyer on how to best handle the situation as well as refer to hospital policy. Upon the completion of these tasks, the legal and ethical issues are addressed and a plan of action is presented. The nurse would then obey the orders provided by the hospital based off what the attorney said, and then let the physician know the best route to take. In any case, an apology is the best route, and offering to fix the situation by doing the correct operation at no charge. These are ways in which to remedy the situation and hopefully avoid a law suit from the patient. Medical errors are rare in the healthcare profession. However, doctors and hospitals are required to not do harm to any patient. They have to consider both the legal and ethical aspects of disclosure, and what kind of reactions that could occur from the individual who was damaged from the wrong site surgery. By studying the article about the 62-year-old woman, one can have a better understanding of how to handle various circumstances. In a clinical setting, the best direction is to strive to become prepared in advanced for anything that could occur. This means educating doctors and nurses on an annual basis to remind them of how serious an issue this may become if not handled properly. They may need to change the current policies and procedures in order to ensure that staff will follow it precisely and discipline those who fail to do their job with excellence. By doing this, each person is able to do high quality work, and the patients are satisfied with the outcome from their healthcare provider and the facility in which the care took place. In the end, one becomes better within their chosen discipline because he or she grows through this experience, and strives to pass on their wisdom to others through the years in hopes that they too can do the right thing no matter what incident.


Gallagher, T.H. (2009). A 62-year-old woman with skin cancer who experienced wrong-site surgery: Review of medical error. JAMA: Journal of the… [END OF PREVIEW]

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