Healthcare Delivery of Quality Essay

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Since provision of healthcare facilities is the prime responsibility of government in welfare state, it should ensure that people are aware of the necessity of sunlight for production of vitamin D in human body. There must be special arrangements for public awareness that sunlight is beneficial to health and easily accessible programs should be arranged for it.


The biggest source of Vitamin D is direct exposure to sunlight for considerably long period of time. The modern life style has compelled the human beings to stay in-door to protect themselves from sun and heat. High industrialization has deprived them from the natural minerals and most of the food items are frozen. Hence, Vitamin D deficiency is on rise.

In order to control this situation, it is recommended that human beings get themselves exposed to direct sunlight. In this way, they can protect their bones from degeneration and refrain themselves from back pain, headache and difficulty is placing feet on floor. The responsible bodies should carefully analyze the impact of their luxurious offering to the human beings so that dangerous impact can be removed and the facilities can be made more comfortable and enjoyable.

Annotated Bibliography

ABCC. (2012). Bioinformatics Projects. Available from

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It casts light upon the various projects which are conducted in the domain of medical science in conjunction with computer science. The combination makes it Bio-informatics where movement of systems information is regulated.

CBC News. (2010). Vitamin D deficiency in 1.1 million Canadians. Available from

Essay on Healthcare Delivery of Quality Health Assignment

Almost 4% population of Canada is vitamin D deficient. The figure of 4% seems negligible at a glance but when it is converted to head count, it becomes 1.1 million. The situation is alarming for health care responsible bodies of Canada.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2011). Vitamin D Status: United States, 2001-2006. Available from

This article elaborates that Vitamin D content in human being depends upon various factors like age, gender, nationality, season and geographical area. It highlights that vitamin D sufficiency has declined in U.S. In the past few years.

Natural News. (2005). Vitamin D Myths, Facts and Statistics. Available from

This article casts light upon the common myths people have in their minds about Vitamin D People believe that they can have adequate level of vitamin D as their lifestyle allows them to go in the sun every now and then. They forget to realize the importance of factors like their skin color, distance of their country from equator, their duration to be in sunlight, their application of sun block creams and unfit kidney and liver.

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It highlights the scientific fact that Vitamin D is crucial for absorption of Calcium. In absence of vitamin D, Calcium supplements or food may turn in vain. There are many other diseases which are linked with deficiency of vitamin D It includes rickets and osteoporosis. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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