Term Paper: Healthcare Discussion Response: Embryonic Stem Cell Research

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Discussion Response: Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Given that abortion and fertility treatments that result in the nonuse of some embryos is legal in our nation, to prohibit putting the embryos discarded in such technology to good use, in a way that can save human lives not only seems absurd, but contradictory. I do not really believe that it is an ethical debate, but that the issue has become symbolically significant on a political level for some elements of the religious right. Opposing stem cell research has become a kind of litmus test for right-wing politicians, regardless of whether they -- or their conservative constituents -- understand the full implications of the technology. The main issues that embryonic stem cell research raise, and the prohibitions surrounding it, are the questions of the difficulties in having non-scientists consider legislation about issues surrounding technology that they often do not understand.

When viewing the potential gains from the technology, and the moral cost of denying people suffering from terrible, debilitating illnesses the full power of medical research because of the religiously-based objections of people who hold a very narrow definition of when life begins (but show little concern about people living with… [END OF PREVIEW]

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