Healthcare Health Care Law Ethics Essay

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As has been the case in many setups, where due to cost management and provision of services at lower rates a sharing a resources takes place, here too it seems that the "Center" has joined hand with the "Happy Family Health Plan" which in return has also been working and sharing its resources and vice versa with Tallahassee General Hospital.

The Tallahasse General Hospital is a Government owned and run hospital and is owned by the County. But the general concern of the hospital has been shown more towards the profits that they might be receiving from the few paying customers that they have, which they might lose to the Center in case collaboration is done between the two.

To avoid this collaboration an attack is done on the MD which has been taken on board by the Center for their OB/GYN consultations, Mary Ellen Stuart, M.D, and ultimately pressurizing the Center's collaborative partner Happy Family to stop their cooperation with the center.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Healthcare Health Care Law Ethics Assignment

In this case, Dr. Stuart is in a position to file against the General Hospital under the Shermann Act.
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